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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Weak voice:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to weak voice
Si Jun Zi Tang
Four-Gentleman Decoction; Major Four Herb Decoction
Tonifies Spleen-Qi.   Deficient Spleen Qi, usually caused by improper eating habits, excessive deliberation, or overworking.  Asthenia; Chronic gastritis; Fatigue; Lethargy; Loose stools; Peptic ulcer; Poor appetite; Diabetes; Pale complexion; Uterine fibroma; Weak voice; Weakness of the limbs; Pale tongue; Fine-Faint-Empty pulse (Xi Wei Xu).  
Bu Fei Tang
Tonifying the Lungs Decoction; Ginseng and Aster Decoction
Tonifies Lung-Qi; Strengthens the Exterior; Calms cough.   Lung-Qi Deficiency.  Asthma; Breathlessness; Chronic bronchitis; Chronic cough; Fever; Pulmonary tuberculosis; Respiratory tract infection; Spontaneous sweating; Asthenia; Aversion to cold; Chills; Pale complexion; Weak voice, low voice; Pale tongue, thin-white coating; Weak-Large-Faint pulse (Ruo Da Wei); Large-Faint-Empty pulse (Da Wei Xu).  
Zai Zao San
Renewal Powder
Releases the Exterior; Tonifies Qi and Yang; Promotes sweating.   Externally-contracted Wind-Cold with Qi and Yang Deficiency.  Cold extremities; No sweating; Severe chills; Slight fever; Fatigue with a constant desire to lie down; Headache; Pale complexion; Weak voice; Pale tongue, thin-white coating; Floating-Forceless pulse (Fu Wu Li); Forceful-Deep pulse (You Li Chen).  

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