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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Tongue with a white-greasy coating:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to tongue with a white-greasy coating
Ji Ming San
Powder to Take at Cock's Crow; Areca Seed and Chaenomeles Powder
Moves Qi; Drains Damp-turbidity; Warms Damp-Cold; Transforms Damp-Cold.   Damp leg Qi which is caused by Damp-Cold settling in the legs and feet where it obstructs the channels and interrupts the smooth flow of Qi and Blood.  Beriberi; Cold lower limbs; Filariasis (elephantiasis); Numbness of the feet; Numbness of the legs; Oedema of feet; Oedema of legs; Oedema of lower extremities; Painful lower limbs; Weakness of the feet; Weakness of the legs; Ascending spasms; Aversion to cold; Nausea; Oppression of the chest; Stifling sensation; Walking difficulty; Tongue with a white-greasy coating; Soft-Deep pulse (Ru Chen).  
Qian Zheng San
Lead the Symmetry Powder
Treats spasms; Eliminates Wind; Transforms Phlegm.   Sudden paralysis of the face (sequelae of channel-stroke with symptoms confined to the head and face, a condition which occurs when deficient Normal Qi and unstable Defensive Qi allow pathogenic Wind to invade the channels and collaterals).  Pain of the face; Peripheral neuritis; Sequelae of cerebrovascular accident; Trigeminal neuralgia; Deviation of the eyes; Deviation of the mouth; Deviation of the tongue; Paralysis of the face; Tongue with a white-greasy coating; Slippery-Wiry pulse (Hua Xian).  
Da Huang Fu Zi Tang
Rheum-Aconitum Decoction; Rhubarb and Prepared Aconite Decoction
Warms the Interior; Disperses Cold; Calms pain; Purges Cold.   Yang brightness organ-stage disorders which is characterized by Cold accumulating in the Interior and taking form.  Constipation; Functional intestinal obstruction; Inguinal hernia; Pain of the abdomen; Pain of the hypochondrium (unilateral pain, usually); Uncomplicated appendicitis; Chills; Cold extremities; Slight fever; Tongue with a white-greasy coating; Deep-Tight-Wiry pulse (Chen Jin Xian).  

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