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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Tongue ulcer:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to tongue ulcer
Bi Yu San
Jasper Powder
Clears Heat and relieves toxicity; Eliminates Summer-Heat; Diuretic; Tonifies Qi.   Summer-Heat accompanied with Dampness and Heat toxin.  Blepharitis; Conjunctivitis; Fever; Irritability; Mouth ulcer; Ocular pain; Red eyes; Sore throat; Stomatitis; Swelling of the throat; Thirst; Tongue ulcer; Urinary tract infection; Dark urine; Scanty urine; Red tongue, greasy-yellow coating; Slippery-Rapid pulse (Hua Shu).  
Niu Huang Shang Qing Wan
Cattle Gallstone Pill to Ascend and Clear
Clears Heat and relieves toxicity; Anti-inflammatory; Releases Wind-Heat from the Exterior.   Heat toxin affecting the throat.  Blepharitis; Conjunctivitis; Headache; Pharyngitis; Sore throat; Constipation; Labial herpes; Mouth ulcer; Red eyes; Stomatitis; Swelling of the throat; Tongue ulcer; Toothache; Red and prickly tongue, yellow coating; Floating-Rapid pulse (Fu Shu) in cases of Wind-Heat; Rapid pulse (Shu).  
Qing Re Bu Qi Tang
Clear Heat and Tonify the Qi Decoction
Clears Stomach-Heat; Tonifies Qi; Promotes generation of Body Fluids.   Heat and Dryness affecting the mouth and Stomach, in a patient with constitutional weakness.  Bitter taste; Chronic gastritis; Dry mouth; Mouth ulcer; Stomatitis; Tongue ulcer; Ageusia; Metrorrhagia after childbirth; Oral cancer; Painful tongue; Sensation of discomfort in the cardiac region; Stomach cancer; Red tongue; Weak-Rapid-Faint pulse (Ruo Shu Wei).  

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