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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Thyroid nodule:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to thyroid nodule
Xiang Bei Yang Rong Tang
Cyperus and Fritillaria Decoction to Nourish the Nutritive Qi
Tonifies Qi; Regulates the Qi; Nourishes Blood; Transforms Phlegm.   Hard nodules on the side of the neck, breasts, or axillae in patients with Qi and Blood Deficiency.  Axillary nodule; Breast nodule; Scrofula; Thyroid nodule.  
Hai Zao Yu Hu Tang
Sargassum Decoction for the Jade Flask
Transforms Phlegm; Softens what is hard; Reduces thyroid nodules; Eliminates thyroid nodules.   Stagnation of Dampness, Phlegm, Qi, and Blood in the area between the skin and flesh on the neck.  Benign tumor of the thyroid; Goiter; Hyperthyroidism; No pain or change in the color of the skin, nor ulceration; Rock-like nodule, immobile, sometimes growing progressively; Thyroid nodule; Normal tongue, thin-greasy coating; Slippery-Wiry pulse (Hua Xian).  
Hai Zao Wan
Sargassum Pill
Eliminates thyroid nodules; Releases the tension.   Goiter or thyroid nodules due to a lack of iodine or Phlegm accumulation.  Atherosclerosis (anticoagulant agent); Hypertension; Scrofula.  

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