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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Thick phlegm:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to thick phlegm
Yue Bi Jia Ban Xia Tang
Maidservant from Yue Decoction plus Pinellia
Disperses Heat and Wind; Drains fluids; Subdues Rebellious Qi; Calms asthma.   Asthma due to external Wind-Heat associated with congested fluids in the chest.  Chronic bronchitis; Cough; Distension of the chest; Emphysema; Oedema of eyelids; Thick phlegm; Fever; Oedema of face; Oliguria; Thirst; Floating-Overflowing pulse (Fu Hong).  
Chai Hu Qing Gan Tang
Bupleurum Decoction to Clear the Liver; Bupleurum and Rehmannia Decoction
Drains Fire; Eliminates Toxicity; Soothes Liver-Qi; Tonifies the Spleen.   Fire-Poison clumping in the Liver and Gall-Bladder (predominant in the Spleen).  Cough; Foul breath; Hypoacusis; Insomnia; Irritability; Severe headache with severe pain in temporal canthus; Thick phlegm; Tinnitus; Viscid phlegm; Dark urine; Red cheeks; Tension in the abdomen (horseshoe-like over and next umbilicus); Red tongue; Rapid-Wiry pulse (Shu Xian).  
Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan
Clear the Qi and Transform Phlegm Pill; Pinellia and Scute Pill
Clears and transforms Phlegm-Heat; Subdues Rebellious Qi; Stops cough.   Internal clumping of Phlegm-Heat which occurs when Fire brews Body Fluids which have become stagnant due to the weakening of the transportive function of the Spleen.  Acute bronchitis; Asthma; Breathing difficulty; Chronic bronchitis; Cough; Difficult to expectorate phlegm; Distension of the chest; Emphysema; Fullness of the chest; Pneumonia; Thick phlegm; Yellow phlegm; Nasal congestion; Nausea; Red tongue, greasy-yellow coating; Slippery-Rapid pulse (Hua Shu).  

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