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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Swelling:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to swelling
Xiong Dan Zhi Chuang Gao
Against Hemorrhoids Bear Gallbladder Ointment
Moves Blood; Reduces inflammation; Calms pain.     Painful hemorrhoid with swelling and irritation.  
Cong Bai Jie Geng Tang
Scallion and Platycodon Decoction
Releases the Exterior; Disperses Heat and Wind; Purifies toxins; Cools Blood; Clears Lung-Heat.   First stage of an externally-contracted Wind-Heat.  Beginning of fever; Headache; Respiratory tract infection (incubation period, early-stage disorder); Sore throat; Swelling of the throat; Cough; Slight aversion to wind; Thirst; Red tongue, thin-white coating; Floating-Rapid pulse (Fu Shu).  
Zhu Jing Wan
Preserve Vistas Pill
Nourishes Liver-Yin and Kidney-Yin; Improves vision; Drains Dampness.   Poor vision due to Liver and Kidney Deficiency, with some Dampness caused by a reduction in fluid metabolism.  Blurred vision which is worse on exertion and improves with rest; Chronic ocular disorders; Pain in the lower back; Red eyes; Swelling of the eyes; Weakness of lower back; Weakness of the knees; Weak-Fine-Faint pulse (Ruo Xi Wei).  

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