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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Sport injury:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to sport injury
Feng Shi Ling Pian
Wind-Dampness Efficacious Tablet; Wind and Dampness Relief Effective Remedy
Moves Blood; Treats rheumatic pain; Disperses Cold, Damp and Wind; Nourishes Blood.   Rheumatic pain due to Wind-Cold-Damp with Blood stasis.  Arthritis (except for the acute stage); Chronic swelling of joints; Joint pain; Numbness of the limbs; Stiffness of joints; Sport injury.  
Shen Xian Jin Bu Huan Gao
Moves Qi and Blood; Unblocks the Channels; Eliminates Damp and Blood accumulation to calm pain.     Contusion; Hematoma; Joint pain; Pulled muscle; Sport injury; Sprain; Weakness of the muscles.  
Feng Liao Xing Yao Jiu
Feng Liaoxing Medicated Wines
Disperses Cold, Damp and Wind; Unblocks the Channels; Eliminates pain.   Wind-Cold-Damp usually following an externally-contracted Wind or traumatic injury.  Joint pain; Painful muscles; Paralysis; Sequelae of Wind-stroke; Sport injury; Pale tongue, white coating (may have purplish spots); Slow-Tight-Wiry pulse (Chi Jin Xian).  

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