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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Sinusitis:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to sinusitis
Bi Yan Pian
Rhinitis Tablet; Nose Inflammation Tablet; Nasosinusitis Tablet
Releases the Exterior; Unblocks the nose; Anti-inflammatory (nose and eyes, in particular).   Profuse rhinorrhea caused by Wind-Heat attacking the head.  Rhinitis; Sinusitis; Conjunctivitis; Headache; Rhinorrhea.  
Bi Min Gan Wan
Nasal Allergy Pill
Releases the Exterior; Anti-inflammatory; Antiallergic.   Profuse rhinorrhea caused by Wind-Heat attacking the head. Headache due to external Cold.  Allergic asthma; Nasal polyp; Rhinitis; Sinusitis; Acute bronchitis; Chronic bronchitis; Nasal congestion; Rhinorrhea.  
Cang Er Zi San
Xanthium Powder
Releases the Exterior; Calms pain; Unblocks the nose.   Profuse rhinorrhea caused by Wind-Heat attacking the head.  Acute rhinitis; Acute sinusitis; Allergic rhinitis; Allergic sinusitis; Chronic rhinitis; Chronic sinusitis; Frontal headache; Nasal congestion; Profuse rhinorrhea; Purulent rhinorrhea; Thick rhinorrhea; Restlessness; Red tongue, white or yellow coating; Floating-Rapid pulse (Fu Shu).  

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