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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Severe diarrhea:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to severe diarrhea
Zhen Ren Yang Zang Tang
True Man's Decoction to Nourish the Organs
Tonifies the Middle Burner; Warms the Middle Burner; Strengthens the Intestines; Stops diarrhea.   Abandoned disorder from loss of fluids due to chronic diarrhea or dysentery. The Spleen-Qi has become deficient and the intestines have lost their stability and capacity to absorb.  Childhood diarrhea; Chronic colic; Chronic diarrhea; Chronic dysentery; Crohn's disease; Incontinence of stools; Pain of the abdomen that responds favorably to local pressure and warmth; Persistent diarrhea; Rectal prolapse; Severe diarrhea; Diarrhea with blood and pus; Lethargy; Pain in the lower back; Pale complexion; Poor appetite; Tenesmus; Weakness of lower back; Weakness of the knees; Pale tongue, white coating; Slow-Deep pulse (Chi Chen).  
Si Ni San
Frigid Extremities Decoction; Bupleurum and Chih-shih Decoction
Disperses and drives out pathogenic influences; Soothes Liver-Qi; Regulates the Spleen.   Yang or hot-type collapse, which is most commonly due to Heat entering the Interior where it constrains the Yang Qi. This inhibits the spreading of Yang Qi to the extremities, causing cold extremities (fingers and toes), anguish, pain of the abdomen (in contrast to devastated Yang, where the entire limb is cold), and a warm body.  Cholecystitis; Cold fingers and toes, although the body is warm; Costal pain; Discomfort; Fibrocystic breast; Fullness of the chest; Fullness of the epigastrium; Gallstone; Gastritis; Hepatitis; Hernia due to lingering Heat; Intercostal neuralgia; Mastitis; Pain of the abdomen; Pancreatitis; Peptic ulcer; Acute appendicitis; Biliary ascariasis; Diarrhea; Intestinal obstruction; Schistosomiasis; Severe diarrhea; Red tongue, yellow coating; Wiry pulse (Xian).  
Shen Shi Zhu Ling Tang
Polyporus Decoction from Master Shen
Diuretic; Drains Heat; Nourishes Yin.   Injury from Cold entering the Yang brightness or lesser Yin-stage where it transforms into Heat.  Dysuria; Fever; Nephritis; Oliguria; Severe diarrhea due to the inability to expel fluids through urination; Thirst; Urinary tract infection; Cough; Dysuria (burning); Hematuria; Insomnia; Irritability; Nausea; Floating pulse (Fu); Rapid pulse (Shu) according to the Shang Han Lun.  

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