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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Scrofula:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to scrofula
Xiao Luo Wan
Reduce Scrofula Pill; Scrophularia and Fritillaria Pill
Clears Heat; Transforms Phlegm; Softens nodules; Reduces nodules.   Nodules in the neck due to the depletion of the Liver and Kidney-Yin which gives rise to Fire from Deficiency that consumes the fluids and produces Phlegm.  Dry mouth; Dry throat; Goiter; Scrofula; Hyperthyroidism; Thyroiditis; Red tongue; Slippery-Rapid pulse (Hua Shu); Rapid-Wiry pulse (Shu Xian).  
Xiang Bei Yang Rong Tang
Cyperus and Fritillaria Decoction to Nourish the Nutritive Qi
Tonifies Qi; Regulates the Qi; Nourishes Blood; Transforms Phlegm.   Hard nodules on the side of the neck, breasts, or axillae in patients with Qi and Blood Deficiency.  Axillary nodule; Breast nodule; Scrofula; Thyroid nodule.  
Xia Ku Cao Gao
Prunella Syrup
Moves Qi and Blood; Transforms Phlegm; Clears Heat; Reduces nodules.   Hard nodule from dry Blood due to Liver-Yang excess.  Goiter; Scrofula; Red, dry tongue; Fine-Rapid-Wiry pulse (Xi Shu Xian).  

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