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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Scream:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to scream
Sheng Tie Luo Yin
Iron Filings Decoction
Calms the Heart; Eliminates Phlegm; Calms the Mind.   Phlegm-Fire affecting the Heart.  Bad temper; Extreme emotional instability; Insomnia; Irritability; Lancinating headache; Manic behavior; Restlessness; Aggressiveness; Scream, yelling at people for no apparent reason; Scarlet red tongue with a greasy-yellow coating; Rapid-Wiry pulse (Shu Xian).  
Hou Zao San
Monkey Gallstone Powder
Transforms Phlegm-Heat; Clears Heat; Calms Liver-Fire and Liver-Wind; Opens the orifices.   Childhood illness due to Phlegm, Heat or Liver-Wind.  Convulsion; Diarrhea; Gastralgia; Infantile epilepsy; Night crying; Phlegm; Productive cough; Restlessness; Scream; Stertorous breathing; Sudden fever; Vomiting; Index capillaries are reddish (phalange, phalangine); Red complexion.  
Ding Xian Wan
Stopping Epilepsy Pill; Arrest Seizures Pill; Gastrodia and Succinum Pill
Eliminates Phlegm; Calms Wind; Opens the orifices.   Seizure disorder arising from a combination of Liver-Wind and Phlegm.  Clonic convulsion; Deviation of the mouth; Foamy saliva; Infantile epilepsy; Nystagmus; Rale, moan (piercing scream); Recurrent dizziness, weakness and oppression of the chest followed by a sudden loss of consciousness; Acute mania; Alcohol and drug discontinuation; Dementia; Incontinence; Nervous breakdown; Signs of manic depression; Tongue with a white-greasy coating; Slippery-Wiry pulse (Hua Xian).  

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