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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Pyelonephritis:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to pyelonephritis
Hao Qin Qing Dan Tang
Artemisia Annua and Scutellaria Decoction to Clear the Gallbladder
Clears Heat and Damp-Heat from the Gall-Bladder; Regulates Stomach-Qi; Transforms Phlegm.   Damp-Heat and turbid Phlegm in the lesser Yang channels battling the protective and nutritive Qi to penetrate deeper into the body.  Acid regurgitation; Acute cholecystitis; Acute gastritis; Acute hepatitis; Alternating fever and chills (high fever, slight chills); Bitter regurgitation; Bitter taste; Chest pain; Fullness in the flanks; Fullness of the chest; Hypertension; Ménière's disease; Nausea; Painful flanks; Vomiting of bile; Bronchitis; Coronary disorders; Malaria; Pneumonia; Pyelonephritis; Thirst but no desire to drink; Thirst with desire to drink; Red tongue, thick-greasy-white or thick-greasy-yellow coating; Right pulse: soft, rapid (Ru Shu) or slippery, rapid (Hua Shu) or wiry, rapid (Xian Shu); Left pulse: wiry, rapid (Xian Shu).  
Mi Niao Jian
Urinary Surgery Decoction
Treats urinary disorders.   Experimental formula from Japan treating different types of urinary disorders.  Cystitis; Dysuria; Hematuria; Nephritis; Oedema; Pyelonephritis; Urethritis.  
San Ren Tang
Three-Nut Decoction; Triple Nut Decoction
Clears Damp-Heat; Transforms Damp-Heat; Regulates the Qi; Disperses Qi.   Early-stage Damp warm-febrile disease or Summer-Heat warm-febrile disease in which Dampness predominates and the pathogenic influences are lodged in the protective and Qi levels.  Chills; Enteritis; Evening fever; Fullness of the abdomen; Fullness of the chest; Gastroenteritis; Generalized pain; Headache; No desire to drink; Pyelonephritis; Sensation of heaviness of the head; Sensation of heavy body; Thirst; Typhoid fever; Undulant fever; Dull complexion; Ivory complexion; Nausea; Poor appetite; Tongue with a white-greasy coating; Slippery pulse (Hua); Soft pulse (Ru).  

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