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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Precordial pain:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to precordial pain
Tong Dao San
Communicating [but also Freeing the Flow] and Instructing Powder
Moves Blood; Disperses Blood stasis; Restrains Blood; Resolves inflammation.   Blood stasis in the chest and abdomen usually following traumatic injury.  Concealed hemorrhage; Distension of the abdomen; Dysmenorrhea; Ecchymosis; Hematoma; Hypertension with dizziness; Hypertension with headache; Pain of the abdomen; Palpitations; Precordial pain; Rectus abdominis muscle spasms; Constipation; Purplish tongue or showing purplish spots; Fine-Choppy pulse (Xi Se).  
Mao Dong Qing
Ilex Root
Moves Blood; Disperses Blood stasis; Clears Heat and Fire, and relieves toxicity.   Heart diseases due to Blood stasis, with Heat signs.  Angina pectoris; Arteriosclerosis; Arteritis; Atherosclerosis; Bronchitis; Coronary arteritis; Dizziness; Endocarditis; Headache; Laryngitis; Myocarditis; Numbness of the limbs, with or without inflammation; Pharyngitis; Precordial pain; Sore throat; Thromboangiitis obliterans; Constipation; Respiratory tract infection; Sensation of heat; Thirst; Purple tongue, yellow coating; Rapid pulse (Shu).  
Zheng Qi Tian Xiang San
Lindera and Cyperus Powder
Moves Qi and Blood; Disperses Cold.   Physical disorders and mental disorders during the menopause period.  Alternating fever and chills; Dizziness; Frustration neurosis (monk, nun, widowhood); Fullness; Hysteria; Induration of the abdomen; Nervous breakdown; Nervous breakdown during the menopause or postpartum; Precordial pain; Vomiting; Amenorrhea (young girl); Headache; Poor appetite; Deep pulse (Chen).  

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