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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Pale tongue, greasy-white coating:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to pale tongue, greasy-white coating
Zhi Zhu Tang
Immature Bitter Orange and Atractylodes Macrocephala Decoction
Moves Qi; Eliminates food retention; Drains congested fluids; Tonifies Spleen-Qi.   Food retention with Spleen-Qi Deficiency.  Distension of the epigastrium; Firmness, broad focal distension in the epigastrium due to congested fluids; Poor appetite; Regurgitation; Pale tongue, greasy-white coating; Slippery-Deep-Wiry pulse (Hua Chen Xian).  
San Zi Yang Qin Tang
Three-Seed Decoction to Nourish One's Parents
Subdues Rebellious Qi; Promotes digestion; Eliminates food retention; Transforms Phlegm.   The retention of food is both a cause and an effect of Spleen Deficiency, and can lead to the production of Phlegm (elderly people, especially).  Acute bronchitis; Breathing difficulty; Bronchial asthma; Chronic bronchitis; Cough; Distension of the chest; Emphysema; Poor appetite; Poor digestion; Profuse phlegm; Hiccup; Indigestion; Pale tongue, greasy-white coating; Slippery pulse (Hua).  
Liu Jun Zi Tang
Six Gentlemen Decoction; Major Six-Herb Decoction
Tonifies the Spleen; Transforms Phlegm; Promotes digestion; Stops nausea and vomiting.   Digestive disorders with Phlegm-Dampness due to Spleen-Qi Deficiency.  Diarrhea; Distension of the chest; Distension of the epigastrium; Indigestion; Loose stools; Nausea; Oppression of the chest; Oppression of the epigastrium; Poor appetite; Poor digestion; Vomiting; Acid regurgitation; Cough; Profuse phlegm; Watery phlegm; White phlegm; Pale tongue, greasy-white coating; Slippery pulse (Hua).  

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