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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Nephritis:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to nephritis
Dang Gui Liu Huang Tang (2/2)
Tangkuei and Six-Yellow Decoction
Nourishes Yin; Clears Heat; Strengthens the Exterior; Restrains sweating.   Concurrent Heat from Deficiency with deficient Yin of the Kidneys.  Fever; Hyperthyroidism; Irritability; Myocarditis; Nephritis; Neurasthenia; Night sweating; Tuberculosis; Cholecystitis; Chronic bronchitis; Dark urine; Dry mouth; Dry stools; Hepatitis; Parched lips; Scanty urine; Silicosis; Urinary tract infection; Red, dry tongue; Rapid pulse (Shu).  
Dang Gui Shao Yao San
Tangkuei and Peony Powder
Nourishes Liver-Blood; Soothes Liver-Qi; Tonifies the Spleen; Transforms Dampness; Drains Dampness.   Disharmony between the Liver and Spleen. Liver Blood Deficiency interferes with the free-flowing function of that organ and constrains the Qi.  Chronic nephritis; Dysmenorrhea; Habitual miscarriage; Slight oedema that begins in lower limbs; Threatened miscarriage; Beriberi; Oliguria; Spasmodic pain of the abdomen that is continuous but not severe.  
Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan
Kidney Qi Pill from the Golden Cabinet; Rehmannia Eight Pill; Golden Chest Kidney-Qi Pill
Tonifies Kidney-Yang; Warms Kidney-Yang.   Kidney Yang Deficiency with insufficient Fire at the gate of vitality.  Beriberi; Chronic nephritis; Clear urine; Dysuria; Frequent urination; Hypothyroidism; Neurasthenia; Oliguria; Pain in the lower back; Profuse urine; Sensation of cold in the lower body; Weakness of lower back; Weakness of the knees; Chronic asthma; Cough; Diabetes; Hot flashes (avoid confusion with hot flashes due to Kidney-Yin Deficiency); Oedema; Persistent diarrhea; Rheumatism; Thirst; Urinary incontinence; Pale, swollen, tooth-marked tongue, moisty-white coating; Slow-Deep-Faint-Empty pulse (Chi Chen Wei Xu).  

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