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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Nausea:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to nausea
Ji Ming San
Powder to Take at Cock's Crow; Areca Seed and Chaenomeles Powder
Moves Qi; Drains Damp-turbidity; Warms Damp-Cold; Transforms Damp-Cold.   Damp leg Qi which is caused by Damp-Cold settling in the legs and feet where it obstructs the channels and interrupts the smooth flow of Qi and Blood.  Beriberi; Cold lower limbs; Filariasis (elephantiasis); Numbness of the feet; Numbness of the legs; Oedema of feet; Oedema of legs; Oedema of lower extremities; Painful lower limbs; Weakness of the feet; Weakness of the legs; Ascending spasms; Aversion to cold; Nausea; Oppression of the chest; Stifling sensation; Walking difficulty; Tongue with a white-greasy coating; Soft-Deep pulse (Ru Chen).  
Bao Tai Zi Sheng Wan
Protect the Fetus and Aid Life Pill
Tonifies Spleen-Qi; Harmonizes the Stomach; Calms the fetus.   Morning sickness or threatened miscarriage in women with deficient Spleen Qi together with Qi stagnation.  Early morning nausea; Habitual miscarriage; Threatened miscarriage; Asthenia; Diarrhea; Poor appetite; Weight loss.  
Bai He Ji Zi Huang Tang
Lily Bulb and Egg Yolk Decoction
Clears Heat; Nourishes Yin; Moistens the Lungs.   Disease of the bulb of lilies (Bai He Bing) due to interior Heat in the Heart and Lung Dryness and Yin Deficiency (after vomiting).  Aversion to life; Hopelessness; Irregular appetite; Mental confusion; Nausea; Nervous breakdown; Neurasthenia; Bitter taste; Dry mouth; Dry stools; Dry throat; Fatigue; Insomnia; Irregular stools; Lethargy; Mental instability; Obsessions; Restlessness; Vomiting; Withdrawal (failure to talk); Slightly Rapid pulse (Shu); Fine-Slightly Rapid pulse (Xi Shu); Wiry-Slightly Rapid pulse (Xian Shu); Fine-Wiry-Slightly Rapid pulse (Xi Xian Shu).  

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