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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Mouth ulcer:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to mouth ulcer
Gan Lu Yin
Sweet Dew Decoction
Nourishes Yin; Clears Heat; Transforms Dampness.   Yin Deficiency with Yang brightness-channel Dampness.  Foul breath; Gingivitis; Mouth ulcer; Swelling and inflammation of the gums (with or without infection); Blepharitis; Conjunctivitis; Sore throat; Swelling of the throat; Red, dry tongue, greasy-yellow coating; Fine-Slippery-Rapid pulse (Xi Hua Shu).  
Bi Yu San
Jasper Powder
Clears Heat and relieves toxicity; Eliminates Summer-Heat; Diuretic; Tonifies Qi.   Summer-Heat accompanied with Dampness and Heat toxin.  Blepharitis; Conjunctivitis; Fever; Irritability; Mouth ulcer; Ocular pain; Red eyes; Sore throat; Stomatitis; Swelling of the throat; Thirst; Tongue ulcer; Urinary tract infection; Dark urine; Scanty urine; Red tongue, greasy-yellow coating; Slippery-Rapid pulse (Hua Shu).  
Shuang Liao Hou Feng San
Double Ingredient Throat Wind Powder
Clears Heat and relieves toxicity; Anti-inflammatory; Calms pain.   Heat toxin (ears, nose, and throat).  Abscess; Dental abscess; Furuncle; Headache; Hypoacusis; Incised wound; Mouth ulcer; Otitis; Otorrhea; Pharyngitis; Purulent rhinorrhea; Rhinitis; Scarlet fever; Sinusitis; Skin infection; Sore throat; Stomatitis; Wound; Yellow rhinorrhea.  

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