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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Leg atrophy:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to leg atrophy
Yang He Tang
Yang-Heartening Decoction
Tonifies the Yang; Warms Yang; Tonifies Blood; Disperses Cold; Eliminates stagnation.   Yin-type localized swelling. Its scope not only encompasses problems in the flesh and muscles, but also in the joints, as in some types of crane's-knee, which is a swollen and painful knee joint accompanied by weight loss of the muscles of the thigh and calf.  Arthritis; Chronic osteomyelitis; Leg atrophy; Localized oedema, painful swelling without heads that blend into the surrounding tissue and do not affect the texture or color of the skin, and are not hot to the touch; No infection; Pain and swelling of the knee joint; Pus; Thigh atrophy; Thrombopenia; Fibrocystic breast; Joint disorders, lymphatic disorders (tuberculous patient, long-term or not); Pain in the lower back; Sciatica; Very pale tongue; Fine-Deep-Forceless pulse (Xi Chen Wu Li).  

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