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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Inguinal hernia:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to inguinal hernia
Tian Tai Wu Yao San
Top-Quality Lindera Powder
Moves Qi; Soothes Liver-Qi; Eliminates Cold; Calms pain.   Hernial disorders due to stagnation in the Liver channel, usually from the invasion of Cold.  Dysmenorrhea; Inguinal hernia; Pain of the abdomen; Pain of the hypochondrium; Pain of the lower abdomen that radiates to testicles; Pale tongue, white coating; Slow-Deep pulse (Chi Chen); Deep-Wiry pulse (Chen Xian).  
Nuan Gan Jian
Warm the Liver Decoction
Warms Liver and Kidneys; Tonifies Liver and Kidneys; Moves Qi; Disperses Cold; Calms pain.   Cold-type hernial disorder in which Cold from Deficiency of the Liver and Kidneys causes the Qi to stagnate.  Acute pain of the lower abdomen which is worse by the local application of cold; Hydrocele; Inguinal hernia; Varicocele; Pale tongue; Slow-Deep-Wiry pulse (Chi Chen Xian); Deep-Wiry pulse (Chen Xian).  
Da Huang Fu Zi Tang
Rheum-Aconitum Decoction; Rhubarb and Prepared Aconite Decoction
Warms the Interior; Disperses Cold; Calms pain; Purges Cold.   Yang brightness organ-stage disorders which is characterized by Cold accumulating in the Interior and taking form.  Constipation; Functional intestinal obstruction; Inguinal hernia; Pain of the abdomen; Pain of the hypochondrium (unilateral pain, usually); Uncomplicated appendicitis; Chills; Cold extremities; Slight fever; Tongue with a white-greasy coating; Deep-Tight-Wiry pulse (Chen Jin Xian).  

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