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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Hypoglycemia:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to hypoglycemia
Ren Shen Feng Wang Jiang
Ginseng and Royal Jelly Syrup
Tonifies Qi to strengthen the Nutritive-Qi, Defensive-Qi and Blood; Strengthens the Exterior.   Kidney and Lung Qi Deficiency.  Asthenia; Fatigue (elderly people); Fatigue following blood loss; Fatigue following long-term illness; Hypoglycemia; Poor digestion; Postpartum fatigue; Poor appetite; Spontaneous sweating; Thirst; Weight loss; Pale tongue; Weak-Empty pulse (Ruo Xu); Faint-Empty pulse (Wei Xu).  
Jian Pi Su
Spleen Qi Xu
Tonifies Spleen-Qi; Nourishes Blood; Generates Blood.   Concurrent Qi and Blood Deficiency of the Spleen.  Anemia; Bloating; Hypoglycemia; Loose stools; Pasty stools; Poor appetite.  
Xiao Yao San
Free and Easy Wanderer Powder; Rambling Powder; Bupleurum and Tangkuei Powder
Soothes Liver-Qi; Tonifies the Spleen; Nourishes Blood; Harmonizes Liver and Spleen.   Liver constraint with Blood Deficiency. Dysharmony between the Liver and Spleen.  Amenorrhea; Anemia; Bitter taste; Bloating; Chronic hepatitis; Digestive disorders; Dizziness; Dysmenorrhea; Fatigue; Fibrocystic breast; Functional sterility; Gastritis; Headache; Hiccup; Irregular menstruation; Leukorrhea; Menorrhagia; Pain of the hypochondrium; Peptic ulcer; Poor appetite; Premenstrual syndrome; Dry mouth; Dry throat; Hypoglycemia; Nervous breakdown; Pleurisy; Poor vision; Retinitis; Slight, chronic fever; Pale-red tongue; Weak-Wiry pulse (Ruo Xian); Wiry-Empty pulse (Xian Xu).  

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