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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Hemorrhagic gastritis:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to hemorrhagic gastritis
Huang Tu Tang
Yellow Earth Decoction
Warms Yang; Tonifies the Spleen; Nourishes Blood; Stops bleeding.   Spleen Yang Deficiency, also known as Cold from Deficiency of the Middle Burner, which is attributed to the failure of the Spleen Qi to govern the Blood.  Blood in the stools after defecation; Chronic gastritis; Cold extremities; Epistaxis; Hematemesis; Hemoptysis; Hemorrhagic gastritis; Hemorrhagic peptic ulcer; Metrorrhagia with pale-red blood; Dull complexion; Dull complexion; Pale tongue, white coating; Fine-Deep-Forceless-Tight pulse (Xi Chen Wu Li Jin).  
Bai Ye Tang
Biota Twig Decoction
Warms Yang; Stops bleeding; Tonifies the Spleen.   Cold from Deficiency affecting the Middle Qi and results in the failure of the Spleen Qi to govern the Blood.  Acute hemorrhagic esophagitis; Hemorrhagic gastritis; Hemorrhagic peptic ulcer; Incessant hematemesis; Unremitting epistaxis; Unremitting hemoptysis; Pale complexion; Pale tongue, thin-transparent or thin-white coating; Rapid-Forceless-Empty pulse (Shu Wu Li Xu).  
Yun Nan Bai Yao
Yunnan White Remedy; White Drug Remedy
Stops bleeding; Disperses Blood stasis; Calms pain.   Concealed hemorrhage or external hemorrhage following traumatic injury.  Angiomatosis; Ecchymosis; Epistaxis; Hematemesis; Hematoma; Hemoptysis; Hemorrhagic gastritis; Hemorrhagic peptic ulcer; Insect bite; Menorrhagia; Metrorrhagia; Pulmonary tuberculosis; Rectorrhagia; Thrombopenia; Wound; Dysmenorrhea; Furuncle; Hypertension; Skin infection.  

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