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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Food retention:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to food retention
Gua Di San (1/3)
Melon Pedicle Powder
Induces vomiting to eliminate Phlegm and food retention.   Phlegm clogging the chest and diaphragm, or food retention lodging in the upper epigastrium.  Breathing difficulty due to a sensation of Qi rushing into the throat; Early-stage food poisoning (toxins are still in the stomach); Nausea (urge to vomit without result); Severe distension of the chest; Severe distension of the epigastrium; Tongue with dirty coating (tofu-like); Floating pulse (Fu) to the middle position.  
Jian Pi Wan
Strenghtening the Spleen Pill
Tonifies Spleen-Qi; Eliminates food retention; Disperses Dampness.   Spleen and Stomach Deficiency is complicated by food retention (digestive disorders) that has become to transform into Heat.  Chronic dysentery; Chronic gastritis; Crohn's disease; Distension of the abdomen; Distension of the epigastrium; Gastrointestinal weakness; Peptic ulcer; Poor appetite; Stomach prolapse; Watery diarrhea; Pale tongue, greasy-dirty-yellow coating; Faint-Empty pulse (Wei Xu).  
Ren Shen Jian Pi Wan (1/2)
Ginseng Strengthening the Spleen Pill
Tonifies Stomach-Qi and Spleen-Qi; Eliminates Phlegm and food retention; Promotes digestion.   Spleen Deficiency complicated by food retention (digestive disorders).  Distension of the abdomen; Incapable of gaining weight or keeping it; Irregular stools; Loose stools; Pain of the abdomen; Poor digestion; Slow digestion; Weight loss.  

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