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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Floating-Rapid-Overflowing pulse (Fu Shu Hong):

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to floating-rapid-overflowing pulse (fu shu hong)
Pu Ji Xiao Du Yin
Universal Benefit Decoction to Eliminate Toxin; Scute and Cimicifuga Decoction
Clears Heat and relieves toxicity; Eliminates Fire; Releases Wind-Heat from the Exterior.   Acute, massive febrile disorder of the head (Da Tou Wen) due to a seasonal epidemic toxin associated with Wind-Heat and Damp-Phlegm.  Acute parotitis; Burning pain, inflammation and redness of the face and head; Chills; High fever; Pharyngitis; Sore throat; Sore throat; Suppurative otitis; Swelling of the throat; Symptoms with sudden onset and fast evolution; Dry mouth; Thirst; Red tongue, powdery-white or dry-yellow coating; Floating-Rapid-Overflowing pulse (Fu Shu Hong).  
Huang Lian Shang Qing Wan
Coptis Upward-Clearing Pill; Coptis, Phellodendron and Mint Pill
Clears Fire; Disperses Wind-Heat; Purges Heat through the Intestines.   Wind-Heat and Heat affecting the Upper and Middle Burners.  Abscess; Conjunctivitis; Constipation; Dizziness; Ear ulcer; Fever; Furuncle; Gingivitis; Headache; Mouth ulcer; Otitis; Parotitis; Pharyngitis; Sore throat; Toothache; Acute bronchitis (early stage); Febrile disease with tinnitus; Hypertension due to Wind-Heat; Lung abscess (early stage); Pneumonia (early stage); Red complexion; Red tongue, yellow coating; Floating-Rapid-Overflowing pulse (Fu Shu Hong).  

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