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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Fine-Faint pulse (Xi Wei):

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to fine-faint pulse (xi wei)
Mu Li San (1/2)
Oyster Shell Powder
Strengthens the Exterior; Stops sweating.   Spontaneous sweating due to unstable Protective Qi. Sweat is the fluid of the Heart; prolonged sweating injures the Heart Yin. When the injured Yin is unable to properly anchor the Yang, it begins to float, becomes more deficient, and worsens the sweating until it becomes most pronounced at night. The injury to the Heart Yin depletes the Heart Qi.  Breathlessness; Fatigue; Lethargy; Palpitations; Spontaneous sweating which is worse at night; Timorous nature; Fine-Faint pulse (Xi Wei).  
Tiao Gan Tang
Regulate the Liver Decoction
Regulates menstruation; Nourishes Liver-Yin and Kidney-Yin.   Gynecological disorders due to deficient Liver and Kidney Yin. Amenorrhea due to Liver and Kidney Deficiency.  Clear leukorrhea; Delayed puberty; Irregular menstruation; Scanty leukorrhea; Sensation of cold in the lower abdomen; Stunted growth; Dizziness; Pale complexion; Pale tongue, thin coating; Weak-Fine pulse (Ruo Xi); Fine-Faint pulse (Xi Wei).  
Ba Zhen Tang
Eight-Treasure Decoction; Eight Precious Decoction; Tangkuei and Ginseng Eight Decoction
Tonifies Qi; Nourishes Blood.   Concurrent Deficiency of the Qi and Blood which is most often due to imbalances caused by chronic disease or excessive loss of blood.  Anemia; Asthenia; Breathlessness; Chronic abscess; Dizziness; Fatigue; Glare; Irregular menstruation; Lethargy; Metrorrhagia; Palpitations; Poor appetite; Anxiety; Dull complexion; Fatigue of the muscles; Pale complexion; Pale tongue, thin-white coating; Fine-Faint pulse (Xi Wei); Large-Forceless-Empty pulse (Da Wu Li Xu).  

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