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Possible synonyms
Dull skin

The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Dull complexion:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to dull complexion
Yang Xin Tang
Nourish the Heart Decoction; Astragalus and Zizyphus Decoction
Nourishes the Heart; Calms the Mind.   Patients with a weak constitution with restlessness due to Blood Deficiency.  Anxiety; Insomnia; Memory loss; Palpitations; Dull complexion; Pale tongue; Fine pulse (Xi).  
Ba Zhen Tang
Eight-Treasure Decoction; Eight Precious Decoction; Tangkuei and Ginseng Eight Decoction
Tonifies Qi; Nourishes Blood.   Concurrent Deficiency of the Qi and Blood which is most often due to imbalances caused by chronic disease or excessive loss of blood.  Anemia; Asthenia; Breathlessness; Chronic abscess; Dizziness; Fatigue; Glare; Irregular menstruation; Lethargy; Metrorrhagia; Palpitations; Poor appetite; Anxiety; Dull complexion; Fatigue of the muscles; Pale complexion; Pale tongue, thin-white coating; Fine-Faint pulse (Xi Wei); Large-Forceless-Empty pulse (Da Wu Li Xu).  
Wu Sheng Jia Er Chen Tang
Five-Fresh and Two-Cured Decoction
Eliminates Cold; Eliminates Phlegm; Calms Wind.   Yin-type seizure disorder (epilepsy) arising from a combination of Phlegm, Cold and Wind.  Coldness of the four extremities; Epileptic absence; Foamy saliva; Half-closed eyes; Recurrent dizziness, headache, fullness in the chest followed by a sudden loss of consciousness; Spasms but no restlessness of the limbs; Weak moan; Dark purple complexion; Dull complexion; Pale tongue, thick-greasy-whitish coating; Slippery-Slow-Deep-Tight pulse (Hua Chi Chen Jin).  

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