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Possible synonyms
Lower abdominal distension (during menstruation)

The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Distension of the lower abdomen (during menstruation):

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to distension of the lower abdomen (during menstruation)
Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang
Drive Out Blood Stasis in the Lower Abdomen Decoction; Fennel Seed and Corydalis Decoction
Moves Blood; Disperses Blood stasis; Warms menstruation; Harmonizes the Blood.   Blood stasis or accumulation of Blood in the lower abdomen.  Distension of the lower abdomen (during menstruation); Frequent menstruation, 3-5 times per month (purplish-red or dark purple blood, with or without clots); Metrorrhagia; Pain in the lower back during menstruation; Pain of the abdomen without induration; Pain of the lower abdomen; Palpable masses in the abdomen, with or without pain; Purplish tongue; Choppy pulse (Se) especially to the elbow.  

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