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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Back stiffness:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to back stiffness
Gua Lou Gui Zhi Tang
Trichosanthes and Cinnamon Twig Decoction
    Back stiffness; Body rigidity; Spasms; Stiffness of the neck; Floating-Slow pulse (Fu Chi) according to the Jin Gui Yao Lue.  
Gan Mao Ling Pian
Common Cold Effective Remedy
Releases the Exterior; Eliminates Heat; Fights acute infection; Treats flu syndrome.   Wind-Cold or Wind-Heat.  Back stiffness; Chills; High fever; Sore throat; Stiffness of the neck; Swelling of the throat.  
Da Huo Luo Dan
Great Invigorating the Connecting Channels Pill; Great Channel Quickening Pill
Moves Qi and Blood; Disperses Cold and Wind from the joints and channels; Tonifies Kidney-Yin and Kidney-Yang.   Wind-stroke, painful obstruction, or poor blood circulation.  Aphasia; Back stiffness; Numbness of the limbs; Paralysis of the face; Paralysis of the limbs (flaccid, spastic); Rheumatic pain; Sequelae of Wind-stroke; Stiffness of the lower back; Stiffness of the lower limbs; Difficulty in movement; Uncomfortable seated position; Walking difficulty; Stiff or soft tongue, white coating (may be deviated); Weak-Floating-Empty pulse (Ruo Fu Xu); Weak-Wiry-Empty pulse (Ruo Xian Xu).  

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