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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Atonic constipation:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to atonic constipation
Da Chai Hu Tang
Major Bupleurum Decoction
Harmonizes the Shao Yang; Disperses Fullness of the Bright Yang; Drains internal accumulations due to Heat.   Concurrent lesser Yang and Yang brightness-stage disorder.  Acute gastroenteritis; Acute pancreatitis; Alternating fever and chills; Atonic constipation; Bitter taste; Burning diarrhea; Cholecystitis; Continuous vomiting, uncontrolled vomiting; Distension of the epigastrium; Fullness of hypochondrium; Fullness of the chest; Fullness of the epigastrium; Gallstone; Hepatitis; Lethargy; Malaria with alternating fever and chills (fever predominant); Migraine; Nausea; Pain of the epigastrium; Peritonitis; Slight irritability; Trigeminal neuralgia; Hypertension; Pleurisy; Red tongue, yellow coating; Forceful-Full-Wiry pulse (You Li Shi Xian).  
Hou Po Qi Wu Tang
Seven-Substance Decoction with Magnolia Bark; Magnolia Seven Decoction
Releases the Exterior; Moves Qi; Purgative.   Externally-contracted disorders where the Exterior is not yet resolved, but an interior excess has already developed.  Atonic constipation; Fever; Fullness of the abdomen; Floating-Rapid pulse (Fu Shu).  
San Wu Bei Ji Wan
Three-Substance Pill for Emergencies
Significantly purges Cold.   Sudden onset of severe Cold accumulation, which is attributed to Cold food stagnating in the Stomach and Intestines where it completely obstructs the flow of Qi.  Acute pancreatitis; Atonic constipation; Distension of the abdomen; Distension of the epigastrium; Food poisoning; Functional intestinal obstruction; Irregular breathing; Pain so severe that it feels as if an awl is piercing the abdomen; Rough breathing; Sudden pain of the abdomen; Sudden pain of the epigastrium; Uncomplicated acute appendicitis; Blue complexion; Loss of consciousness with clenched mouth; Bluish-purple tongue with a White coating; Deep-Tight pulse (Chen Jin).  

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