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Possible synonyms
Abdominal distension
Swollen abdomen
Swelling of abdomen
Distension of abdomen

The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Ascites:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to ascites
Ban Xia Liu Jun Zi Tang
Pinellia and Six-Gentlemen Decoction
Tonifies Stomach and Intestines; Harmonizes Stomach and Intestines; Subdues Rebellious Qi; Promotes digestion.   Intestines and Stomach weakness and disharmony which are due or worsening with exhaustion or improper diet.  Acute gastroenteritis; Anorexia; Chronic gastroenteritis; Diarrhea; Duodenal ulcer; Fatigue; Fullness of the epigastrium; Gastric ulcer; Indigestion; Nausea; Poor digestion; Stomach prolapse; Vomiting; Ascites; Pale tongue, greasy-white or greasy-yellow coating; Weak-Wiry pulse (Ruo Xian).  
Shi Zao Tang
Ten-Jujube Decoction
Purges congested fluids.   Suspended, congested fluids clogging up the chest and hypochondriac regions.  Ascites (cirrhosis of liver); Breathlessness; Chronic nephritis; Cough with painful flanks and chest pain; Fullness of the epigastrium (severe cases); Nephrotic syndrome; Oedema that is more severe below the waist; Serous pleurisy; Systemic lupus erythematosus; Chest pain that radiates to the back; Dizziness; Dyspnea; Dysuria; Headache; Oliguria; Tongue with a white-slippery coating; Deep-Wiry pulse (Chen Xian).  
Zhou Che Wan
Vessel and Vehicle Pill
Harshly purges Heat and congested fluids; Moves Qi.   Water and Heat accumulation in the Interior obstructing the Qi mechanism. The constraint caused by the obstruction to the flow of Qi by Water or Dampness produces Heat. The Water and Heat accumulate and clog the entire abdomen, obstructing the Qi in the Stomach and Intestines.  Ascariasis; Ascites (cirrhosis of liver); Constipation; Distension of the abdomen; Dyspnea; Oedema; Schistosomiasis; Abdomen is solid to palpation; Scanty urine; Forceful-Deep-Rapid pulse (You Li Chen Shu).  

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