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The following Chinese herbal formula(s) can treat or relief Apprehension:

Chinese Formula Actions Indications Symptoms related to apprehension
Ding Zhi Wan (1/2)
Settle the Emotions Pill
Tonifies Heart-Qi; Calms the Mind.   This presentation occurs in those with deficient Heart Qi who suffer a severe emotional shock or are badly frightened.  Apprehension; Euphoria (incessant laughing); Fear; Mental fragility; Patient is easily frightened; Excess of one of the five emotions (anger, joy, worry, sadness, fear); Memory loss; Palpitations.  
Miao Xiang San
Marvelously Fragrant Powder
Nourishes the Heart; Tonifies the Heart; Calms the Mind.   Heart-Qi Deficiency.  Anxiety; Apprehension; Insomnia; Palpitations; Stress; Worry; Asthenia; Fatigue; Lassitude; Memory loss; Night spermatorrhea; Spontaneous sweating; Pale tongue; Empty pulse (Xu).  
Shi Wei Wen Dan Tang
Ten-Ingredient Decoction to Warm the Gallbladder
Transforms Phlegm; Calms the Mind.   Heart and Gall-Bladder Deficiency.  Anxiety; Apprehension; Fear; Irritability; Mental fragility; Oppression of the chest; Palpitations; Patient is easily frightened; Stifling sensation; Ageusia; Oedema of limbs; Poor appetite; Restlessness (the patient cannot keep in place).  

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