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Symptoms and diseases starting with letter UVW

The symptoms below can be treated or relieved with Chinese herbs.

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Umbilical pain

Uncomfortable seated position

Uncomplicated acute appendicitis

Uncomplicated appendicitis

Undigested food particles in the stools

Undulant fever

Unilateral orchitis

Unquenchable thirst

Unremitting epistaxis

Unremitting hemoptysis

Unremitting menorrhagia

Unremitting slight fever

Upper and middle ear capillaries are red, marked

Upper respiratory tract infection

Upper respiratory tract inflammation



Urgent urination

Urinary bladder pain

Urinary calculus

Urinary frequency

Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence (frequent urination)

Urinary incontinence (postpartum)

Urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infection, chronic

Urine with sediments


Urticaria or skin disorders due to Wind-Heat

Uterine fibroma

Uterine hemorrhage

Uterine prolapse

Uterus cancer, initial stage (Heat-type)

Vaginal itching


Vaginitis (Trichomonas vaginalis)

Vaginitis (yeast infection)



Vascular headache

Ventricular arrhythmia

Vertebral pain

Vertex headache


Very cold extremities

Very difficult swallowing

Very dry stools

Very painful hemorrhoid

Very painful hemorrhoid with swelling and redness

Very pale complexion

Very pale tongue

Very productive cough

Very severe constipation (inability to expel gas lingering in the intestines)

Very slight thirst

Vesicular disorders

Vesicular pain

Vesicular rash

Vesicular rash on the face

Vesicular rash on the head

Vincent's disease

Viral infection

Viscid phlegm

Visual disorders

Visual hallucinations



Vomiting (severe cases)

Vomiting and diarrhea due to Spleen and Stomach Deficiency

Vomiting before menstruation

Vomiting has stopped

Vomiting of bile

Vomiting of milk

Vomiting of Phlegm

Vomiting of roundworms

Vomiting of saliva

Vomiting of thin fluids

Vomiting resulting from exhaustion or after a long-term illness

Vomiting soon after eating (food intolerance)

Vomiting soon after meals

Vomiting soon after meals (presence of roundworms)

Vomiting that is neither sour nor fetid, especially vomiting in the evening what was eaten in the morning

Vomiting, expectoration of foamy saliva

Walking difficulty

Walking difficulty (elderly people)

Wandering joint pain

Water retention

Watery diarrhea

Watery leukorrhea

Watery leukorrhea, excessive leukorrhea

Watery phlegm

Watery rhinorrhea

Watery, pale blood

Watery, very smelly, greenish diarrhea

Watery, whitish or clear, odourless leukorrhea

Weak constitution

Weak erection

Weak moan

Weak pulse (Ruo)

Weak pulse (Ruo) to the elbow; Faint pulse (Wei)

Weak pulse (Ruo); Empty pulse (Xu)

Weak pulse (Ruo); Fine pulse (Xi)

Weak pulse (Ruo); Weak-Fine pulse (Ruo Xi)

Weak voice

Weak voice, low voice

Weak, painful back

Weak-Deep pulse (Ruo Chen)

Weak-Deep pulse (Ruo Chen); Weak-Deep-Tight pulse (Ruo Chen Jin)

Weak-Deep-Faint pulse (Ruo Chen Wei)

Weak-Empty pulse (Ruo Xu)

Weak-Empty pulse (Ruo Xu); Faint-Empty pulse (Wei Xu)

Weak-Empty pulse (Ruo Xu); Weak-Rapid-Empty pulse (Ruo Shu Xu)

Weak-Faint pulse (Ruo Wei)

Weak-Faint pulse (Ruo Wei) according to the Shang Han Lun

Weak-Faint pulse (Ruo Wei) especially to the elbow

Weak-Faint-Empty pulse (Ruo Wei Xu)

Weak-Fine pulse (Ruo Xi)

Weak-Fine pulse (Ruo Xi); Fine-Faint pulse (Xi Wei)

Weak-Fine pulse (Ruo Xi); Fine-Hollow pulse (Xi Kou)

Weak-Fine pulse (Ruo Xi); Fine-Rapid pulse (Xi Shu)

Weak-Fine pulse (Ruo Xi); Weak-Fine-Rapid pulse (Ruo Xi Shu)

Weak-Fine-Deep pulse (Ruo Xi Chen)

Weak-Fine-Deep pulse (Ruo Xi Chen); Fine-Deep pulse (Xi Chen)

Weak-Fine-Deep pulse (Ruo Xi Chen); Weak-Fine-Deep-Wiry pulse (Ruo Xi Chen Xian)

Weak-Fine-Empty pulse (Ruo Xi Xu)

Weak-Fine-Empty pulse (Ruo Xi Xu)

Weak-Fine-Empty pulse (Ruo Xi Xu); Fine-Faint-Empty pulse (Xi Wei Xu)

Weak-Fine-Empty pulse (Ruo Xi Xu); Hollow-Fine-Empty pulse (Kou Xi Xu) following hemorrhagia

Weak-Fine-Faint pulse (Ruo Xi Wei)

Weak-Fine-Rapid pulse (Ruo Xi Shu)

Weak-Fine-Rapid-Empty pulse (Ruo Xi Shu Xu)

Weak-Fine-Slippery-Slightly Wiry pulse (Ruo Xi Hua Xian)

Weak-Fine-Slow pulse (Ruo Xi Chi)

Weak-Fine-Wiry pulse (Ruo Xi Xian)

Weak-Fine-Wiry pulse (Ruo Xi Xian); Fine-Wiry-Empty pulse (Xi Xian Xu)

Weak-Floating pulse (Ruo Fu)

Weak-Floating pulse (Ruo Fu); Floating pulse (Fu)

Weak-Floating pulse (Ruo Fu); Floating-Faint pulse (Fu Wei)

Weak-Floating pulse (Ruo Fu); Floating-Rapid pulse (Fu Shu)

Weak-Floating-Empty pulse (Ruo Fu Xu); Weak-Wiry-Empty pulse (Ruo Xian Xu)

Weak-Floating-Slow pulse (Ruo Fu Chi); Slow-Deep pulse (Chi Chen) out of the acute stage

Weak-Forceless pulse (Ruo Wu Li); Fine-Rapid-Forceless pulse (Xi Shu Wu Li)

Weak-Forceless-Empty pulse (Ruo Wu Li Xu)

Weak-Large-Faint pulse (Ruo Da Wei); Large-Faint-Empty pulse (Da Wei Xu)


Weakness (elderly people)

Weakness and spasms of the muscles

Weakness of lower back

Weakness of lower back, pain of the lower back

Weakness of the abdomen

Weakness of the back

Weakness of the bones

Weakness of the extremities

Weakness of the feet

Weakness of the joints

Weakness of the kidney functions

Weakness of the knees

Weakness of the legs

Weakness of the legs (elderly people)

Weakness of the limbs

Weakness of the lower limbs

Weakness of the lower limbs, paresis or paraplegia following cerebrovascular accident

Weakness of the muscles

Weakness of the sinews

Weakness of the waist

Weakness, loosening muscles in abdomen

Weak-Rapid pulse (Ruo Shu)

Weak-Rapid pulse (Ruo Shu); Fine-Rapid pulse (Xi Shu)

Weak-Rapid pulse (Ruo Shu); Fine-Rapid pulse (Xi Shu); Rapid pulse (Shu)

Weak-Rapid pulse (Ruo Shu); Rapid-Empty pulse (Shu Xu)

Weak-Rapid-Faint pulse (Ruo Shu Wei)

Weak-Rapid-Forceless pulse (Ruo Shu Wu Li)

Weak-Slippery pulse (Ruo Hua)

Weak-Slippery-Forceless pulse (Ruo Hua Wu Li); Slippery-Forceless-Faint pulse (Hua Wu Li Wei)

Weak-Slippery-Rapid pulse (Ruo Hua Shu); Weak-Rapid pulse (Ruo Shu); Slippery-Rapid-Empty pulse (Hua Shu Xu); Rapid-Empty pulse (Shu Xu)

Weak-Slippery-Wiry pulse (Ruo Hua Xian)

Weak-Slow pulse (Ruo Chi)

Weak-Slow pulse (Ruo Chi); Slow-Empty pulse (Chi Xu)

Weak-Slow-Deep pulse (Ruo Chi Chen)

Weak-Soft pulse (Ruo Ru)

Weak-Soft pulse (Ruo Ru); Soft-Faint pulse (Ru Wei)

Weak-Thready-Fine pulse

Weak-Wiry pulse (Ruo Xian)

Weak-Wiry pulse (Ruo Xian); Fine-Wiry pulse (Xi Xian); Slow-Wiry pulse (Chi Xian) - rarely

Weak-Wiry pulse (Ruo Xian); Weak-Fine-Wiry pulse (Ruo Xi Xian)

Weak-Wiry pulse (Ruo Xian); Wiry-Empty pulse (Xian Xu)

Wearing more clothing (failing to uncloth)

Weeping eczema

Weepy, pruriginous, red rash

Weepy, vesicular, red rash

Weight loss

Weight loss (patient with constitutional weakness)

Weight loss but normal appetite

White leukorrhea

White phlegm

Wind intolerance

Wind-stroke forewarning

Wiry pulse (Xian)

Wiry pulse (Xian)

Wiry pulse (Xian) on the right position

Wiry-Empty pulse (Xian Xu)


Withdrawal (failure to talk)


Worsening due to Cold

Worsening due to Heat

Worsening on exertion


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