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Symptoms and diseases starting with letter T

The symptoms below can be treated or relieved with Chinese herbs.

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Taut skin around the abdomen

Tearing of the muscles

Tearing of the sinews

Tendency to curl up

Tendency to vertebral subluxation


Tension in the abdomen (epigastric region)

Tension in the abdomen (horseshoe-like over and next umbilicus)

Tension in the abdomen that is more severe in the right hypochondria (patients with a sturdy constitution)

Tension in the abdomen with spasms

Tension in the back

Tension in the chest

Tension in the muscles of the lower limbs

Tension of the back muscles

Tension of the limbs

Tension of the lower abdomen

Tension of the muscles that evolves into a burning, piercing pain

Terrifying dreams



Thick phlegm

Thick rhinorrhea

Thick saliva

Thigh atrophy

Thin and pale blood, and either gushes out or continuously trickles out

Thin hair


Thirst but no desire to drink

Thirst with Damp-predominant disorders that worsen while drinking

Thirst with desire to drink

Thirst with desire to sip

Threatened miscarriage

Threatened myocardial infarction or sequelae

Threatened premature birth

Throat discomfort, rale (resembling frog croaking)

Throat inflammation

Throat obstruction

Throbbing sensations below umbilicus

Thromboangiitis obliterans

Thrombocytopenic purpura


Thyroid nodule



Tic, mimetic convulsion

Tidal fever

Tight pulse (Jin); Wiry pulse (Xian)

Tight-Wiry pulse (Jin Xian)

Timorous nature


Tinnitus that worsen at night

Tongue ulcer

Tongue with a sticky-greasy coating

Tongue with a white coating

Tongue with a white-greasy coating

Tongue with a white-slippery coating

Tongue with dark red edges, and a thick-dirty-pasty coating

Tongue with dirty coating (tofu-like)

Tongue with dry-white coating

Tongue with dry-yellow coating

Tongue with greasy coating

Tongue with greasy, moisty, pale-yellow coating

Tongue with greasy-dirty-white coating

Tongue with greasy-greyish coating

Tongue with greasy-moisty-white coating

Tongue with greasy-white coating (not usual)

Tongue with greasy-white or greasy-yellow coating

Tongue with greasy-yellow coating

Tongue with greasy-yellow coating

Tongue with greasy-yellow or greasy-grey coating

Tongue with purplish spots

Tongue with purplish spots on the edges

Tongue with thick-greasy coating

Tongue with thick-greasy coating (tongue may be swollen)

Tongue with thick-greasy-yellow coating

Tongue with thick-pasty-dirty coating

Tongue with thin-greasy coating

Tongue with thin-greasy-yellow coating

Tongue with thin-white coating

Tongue with thin-white coating

Tongue with thin-yellow or greasy-yellow coating

Tongue with very dry coating

Tongue with white coating (tongue may have purple body)

Tongue with white or yellow coating (may be greasy)

Tongue with white-slippery-greasy coating or white-slippery-dirty coating ("tofu like")

Tongue with white-thin-slippery coating

Tongue with yellow coating

Tongue with yellow or white coating

Tongue with yellowish-greasy coating


Tooth abscess


Toothache with pain radiating into the head

Toxic rash of popliteal fossa


Tranquilizer, sedative, and sleeping pill discontinuation

Transfixing pain of the epigastrium

Transient skin disorders

Traumatic injury

Trembling tongue


Tremors in feet

Tremors in hands

Trigeminal neuralgia


Tubercular meningitis

Tubercular peritonitis


Tuberculosis and menstrual disorders

Tuberculosis of the bones (knees)

Tuberculosis of the joints (knees)

Tumor of the intestines

Tumor of the larynx due to Heat

Turbid leukorrhea

Turbid urine

Turbid urine that continues to drip after completion

Typhoid fever

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