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Symptoms and diseases starting with letter S

The symptoms below can be treated or relieved with Chinese herbs.

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Sallow complexion

Salty phlegm


Scanty leukorrhea

Scanty phlegm

Scanty urine

Scarlet fever

Scarlet red and prickly tongue with a Yellow coating

Scarlet red tongue

Scarlet red tongue - may be ulcerated (thrusting in children)

Scarlet red tongue with a Dry-Yellow coating

Scarlet red tongue with a Greasy-Dirty-Yellow coating

Scarlet red tongue with a greasy-yellow coating

Scarlet red tongue with a Yellow coating

Scarlet red tongue with dark red spots

Scarlet red tongue with or without black coating

Scarlet red tongue, little coating

Scarlet red, dry tongue with a Yellow coating

Scarlet red, dry tongue with red-tipped spots

Scarlet red, rough or prickly tongue with a yellow coating

Scarlet red, stiff tongue

Scattered-Faint pulse (San Wei)

Scattered-Weak-Fine-Empty pulse (San Ruo Xi Xu); Weak-Fine-Slow-Empty pulse (Ruo Xi Chi Xu)


Schizoid behavior


Schonlein-Henoch purpura




Scream, yelling at people for no apparent reason


Scrotum abscess

Second degree burn

Secondary hypertension



Sensation of a flow of energy proceeding from the hypochondria to the cardiac region

Sensation of cold

Sensation of cold (waist level)

Sensation of cold during menstruation

Sensation of cold extremities

Sensation of cold in mid to upper back (ice-cold)

Sensation of cold in the joints

Sensation of cold in the limbs

Sensation of cold in the lower abdomen

Sensation of cold in the lower abdomen (ice-cold)

Sensation of cold in the lower back

Sensation of cold in the lower body

Sensation of cold in tip of penis

Sensation of cold preceeding loss of consciousness

Sensation of cold that occurs after a long-term illness

Sensation of cranial dilatation

Sensation of discomfort during the day (the patient is calm at night)

Sensation of discomfort in the cardiac region

Sensation of discomfort, foreign body (frog in one's throat)

Sensation of extreme heaviness in the body

Sensation of eye distension

Sensation of general discomfort

Sensation of heat

Sensation of heat and irritation in the chest and abdomen

Sensation of heat in the chest

Sensation of heat in the epigastrium

Sensation of heat in the head

Sensation of heat in the knees

Sensation of heat in the legs

Sensation of heat in the muscles

Sensation of heaviness

Sensation of heaviness in the chest

Sensation of heaviness in the lower abdomen

Sensation of heaviness of the extremities

Sensation of heaviness of the head

Sensation of heavy body

Sensation of imminent death

Sensation of incomplete bowel movement

Sensation of internal cold

Sensation of obstruction in the esophagus

Sensation of obstruction in the pharynx

Sensation of palpitations in the periumbilical area

Septic sore throat


Sequelae of cerebrovascular accident

Sequelae of cutaneous infection disease (syphilis)

Sequelae of poliomyelitis

Sequelae of radiotherapy

Sequelae of Wind-stroke

Serous pleurisy

Severe chills

Severe collapse (following violent hemorrhage)

Severe constipation

Severe cough

Severe diarrhea

Severe diarrhea due to the inability to expel fluids through urination

Severe digestive disorders (travellers)

Severe discomfort

Severe distension of the abdomen

Severe distension of the chest

Severe distension of the epigastrium

Severe distension of the lower abdomen

Severe drowsiness

Severe dysmenorrhea

Severe exhaustion

Severe headache

Severe headache with severe pain in temporal canthus

Severe hiccup

Severe infection

Severe itching (burning pain after scratching)

Severe itching (burning sensation)

Severe joint pain

Severe muscle pain

Severe numbness of the lower limbs

Severe pain

Severe pain in the lower back

Severe pain in the right lower abdomen that worsens after the consumption of greasy foods

Severe pain of sinews

Severe pain of the abdomen

Severe pain that becomes unbearable upon the slightest amount of pressure

Severe palpitations

Severe sensation of cold

Severe sensation of cold in the stomach

Severe sensation of cold with chills (relieved by wearing more clothing or adding covers)

Severe sore throat

Severe throat inflammation

Severe vomiting

Severe vomiting of Phlegm

Severe vomiting of thin fluids

Severe vomiting, inability to keep food down

Severe weakness of the lower limbs

Severe, unremitting headache

Sexual asthenia

Sexual disorders

Sharp pain of skin and muscles

Shiny-Peeled tongue

Shiny-Red tongue with little or no coating

Shiny-red tongue, no coating

Shoulder scapulohumeral periarthritis


Signs of manic depression


Singer's laryngitis

Sinus infection

Sinus pain


Skin allergy

Skin disorders

Skin infection

Skin infection (early stage)

Skin infection with pus

Skin inflammation

Skin lesion (children)

Skin lesion with Heat, pain and swelling

Skin mycosis

Skin rashes

Skin rashes (anemic patients or elderly people)

Skin rashes due to allergy

Skin rashes due to by Blood Deficiency

Skin rashes due to clumped Heat (Upper and Middle Burners)

Skin rashes due to Cold and Blood Deficiency

Skin rashes due to Damp-Heat

Skin rashes from syphilis

Skin rashes with infection

Skin rashes with pus

Skin that feels hot to the touch, all of which worsen in the late afternoon

Skin tumor

Skin ulcer

Sleep talking

Slight aversion to wind

Slight chills

Slight constipation

Slight distension of the abdomen

Slight fever

Slight fever due to Qi Deficiency

Slight fever in the afternoon or tidal fever

Slight headache

Slight Heat

Slight irritability

Slight oedema that begins in lower limbs

Slight sensation of cold

Slight sweating

Slight sweating (rather cold)

Slight swelling of the body

Slight thirst

Slight ulceration

Slight, chronic fever

Slight, chronic fever (individuals with constitutional weakness)

Slight, intermittent fever

Slightest amount of exertion will lead to alternating fever and chills

Slightly Rapid pulse (Shu); Fine-Slightly Rapid pulse (Xi Shu); Slippery-Slightly Rapid pulse (Hua Shu); Fine-Slippery-Slightly Rapid pulse (Xi Hua Shu)

Slightly Rapid pulse (Shu); Fine-Slightly Rapid pulse (Xi Shu); Wiry-Slightly Rapid pulse (Xian Shu); Fine-Wiry-Slightly Rapid pulse (Xi Xian Shu)

Slippery pulse (Hua)

Slippery pulse (Hua); Faint pulse (Wei)

Slippery pulse (Hua); Slippery-Rapid pulse (Hua Shu)

Slippery pulse (Hua); Soft pulse (Ru)

Slippery-Deep pulse (Hua Chen)

Slippery-Deep-Wiry pulse (Hua Chen Xian)

Slippery-Empty pulse (Hua Xu)

Slippery-Faint pulse (Hua Wei)

Slippery-Faint pulse (Hua Wei); Soft-Faint pulse (Ru Wei)

Slippery-Forceless pulse (Hua Wu Li)

Slippery-Full pulse (Hua Shi); Full-Deep pulse (Shi Chen)

Slippery-Knotted-Rapid pulse (Hua Jie Shu)

Slippery-Knotted-Wiry pulse (Hua Jie Xian)

Slippery-Large-Rapid pulse (Hua Da Shu)

Slippery-Moderate-Deep pulse (Hua Huan Chen)

Slippery-Moderate-Deep pulse (Hua Huan Chen); Slippery-Moderate-Wiry pulse (Hua Huan Xian)

Slippery-Rapid pulse (Hua Shu)

Slippery-Rapid pulse (Hua Shu); Normal pulse

Slippery-Rapid pulse (Hua Shu); Rapid pulse (Shu)

Slippery-Rapid pulse (Hua Shu); Rapid pulse (Shu)

Slippery-Rapid pulse (Hua Shu); Rapid-Wiry pulse (Shu Xian)

Slippery-Rapid pulse (Hua Shu); Slippery-Rapid-Wiry pulse (Hua Shu Xian)

Slippery-Rapid pulse (Hua Shu); Soft-Rapid pulse (Ru Shu)

Slippery-Rapid-Overflowing pulse (Hua Shu Hong)

Slippery-Rapid-Wiry pulse (Hua Shu Xian)

Slippery-Slow pulse (Hua Chi); Slow pulse (Chi)

Slippery-Slow pulse (Hua Chi); Slow-Wiry pulse (Chi Xian)

Slippery-Slow-Deep-Tight pulse (Hua Chi Chen Jin)

Slippery-Slow-Deep-Wiry pulse (Hua Chi Chen Xian)

Slippery-Slow-Tight pulse (Hua Chi Jin); Slow-Tight pulse (Chi Jin); Slow-Tight-Wiry pulse (Chi Jin Xian)

Slippery-Soft pulse (Hua Ru)

Slippery-Soft pulse (Hua Ru); Slippery-Soft-Deep pulse (Hua Ru Chen)

Slippery-Soft-Rapid pulse (Hua Ru Shu)

Slippery-Wiry pulse (Hua Xian)

Slow digestion

Slow pulse (Chi); Slow-Choppy pulse (Chi Se)

Slow-Deep pulse (Chi Chen)

Slow-Deep pulse (Chi Chen); Deep-Choppy pulse (Chen Se)

Slow-Deep pulse (Chi Chen); Deep-Wiry pulse (Chen Xian)

Slow-Deep pulse (Chi Chen); Slow-Faint pulse (Chi Wei)

Slow-Deep-Faint pulse (Chi Chen Wei)

Slow-Deep-Faint-Empty pulse (Chi Chen Wei Xu)

Slow-Deep-Forceless pulse (Chi Chen Wu Li)

Slow-Deep-Tight pulse (Chi Chen Jin)

Slow-Deep-Very Fine pulse (Chi Chen Xi)

Slow-Deep-Wiry pulse (Chi Chen Xian)

Slow-Deep-Wiry pulse (Chi Chen Xian); Deep-Wiry pulse (Chen Xian)

Slow-Deep-Wiry pulse (Chi Chen Xian); Wiry pulse (Xian)

Slow-Empty pulse (Chi Xu)

Slow-Knotted pulse (Chi Jie); Slow-Wiry pulse (Chi Xian)

Slow-Knotted-Wiry pulse (Chi Jie Xian)

Slow-Leather-Empty pulse (Chi Ge Xu)

Slow-Soft-Deep pulse (Chi Ru Chen)

Slow-Soft-Empty pulse (Chi Ru Xu)

Slow-Tight-Wiry pulse (Chi Jin Xian)

Slow-Wiry pulse (Chi Xian)


Smallpox due to Qi Deficiency (pox-like rash with recessed heads)

Smelly belching

Smelly leukorrhea

Smelly regurgitation

Smelly stools (severe cases)

Smoker's cough

Smoker's dryness or discomfort that accompanies quitting smoking



Soft pulse (Ru)

Soft-Deep pulse (Ru Chen)

Soft-Faint pulse (Ru Wei)

Soft-Rapid pulse (Ru Shu)

Soft-Rapid pulse (Ru Shu); Rapid-Wiry pulse (Shu Xian)

Sore throat

Sore throat

Sore throat (early stage)

Sound of fluids in the abdomen

Sound of fluids in the abdomen and hypochondrium

Sound of fluids in the stomach

Sour taste

Sour vomiting

Spaciness or memory loss

Spasmodic and intermittent pain that responds favorably to local application of heat and pressure

Spasmodic pain

Spasmodic pain in the flanks

Spasmodic pain of the abdomen

Spasmodic pain of the abdomen (colic)

Spasmodic pain of the abdomen that is continuous but not severe

Spasmodic pain of the epigastrium

Spasmodic pain of the scrotum

Spasmodic pain reaching to the umbilicus



Spasms after childbirth

Spasms but no restlessness of the limbs

Spasms of the cardia

Spasms of the esophagus

Spasms of the extremities

Spasms of the face

Spasms of the Gall-Bladder

Spasms of the intestines

Spasms of the jaw

Spasms of the limbs

Spasms of the lips

Speaker's laryngitis




Spontaneous miscarriage with Blood stasis

Spontaneous sweating

Spontaneous sweating (during diarrhea, in particular)

Spontaneous sweating that does not relieve the fever

Spontaneous sweating which is worse at night

Sport injury


Stagnation of Body Fluids (in the Lungs, in particular) with or without superficial oedema

Stagnation of fluids in the stomach

Steaming bone disorder

Steaming bone disorder (but the flesh is not warm to the touch)

Stenosis of the esophagus


Stertorous breathing

Stertorous breathing, at night

Sticky leukorrhea

Sticky rhinorrhea

Sticky taste

Sticky-blood menstruation

Sticky-thick phlegm

Stiff jaw

Stiff or soft tongue, white coating (may be deviated)

Stiff tongue

Stiff tongue (may be trembling)

Stiff tongue, greasy-yellow coating

Stiff, scarlet red tongue


Stiffness (inability to rotate the trunk)

Stiffness and twitching of the extremities

Stiffness of joints

Stiffness of the extremities

Stiffness of the limbs

Stiffness of the lower back

Stiffness of the lower limbs

Stiffness of the muscles

Stiffness of the neck

Stiffness of the shoulders

Stiffness of upper back

Stifling sensation

Stomach cancer

Stomach cramps

Stomach dilatation

Stomach prolapse

Stomach ulcer



Strangulation, choking sensation while drinking


Stunted growth

Stunted growth in children Developmental lag dysmaturation


Subacute bronchitis

Subacute rheumatism

Subacute vaginitis

Subcutaneous, painful inflammation and swelling

Sudden and deep-seated joint pain

Sudden fever

Sudden loss of consciousness

Sudden menorrhagia

Sudden metrorrhagia

Sudden onset of all of these symptoms

Sudden pain of the abdomen

Sudden pain of the epigastrium

Sudden vomiting

Sudden, piercing pain in the chest

Summer disease (according to the Wan Bing Hui Chun)

Superficial oedema

Superficial oedema

Suppuration (closed sores)

Suppurative otitis



Sweating on head

Sweating related to anxiety and/or discomfort in one's environment


Swelling (no change in skin color)

Swelling and inflammation from trauma

Swelling and inflammation of the gums (with or without infection)

Swelling and redness of painful region

Swelling due to injury

Swelling of joints

Swelling of the cheeks

Swelling of the eyes

Swelling of the feet

Swelling of the gums

Swelling of the knees

Swelling of the lips

Swelling of the lymph nodes

Swelling of the neck

Swelling of the throat

Swelling of the tongue

Swelling under the jaw

Swollen and pruritic external genitalia

Swollen and tooth-marked tongue, with a thin-white or thin-yellow coating (body variable)

Swollen ankles

Swollen tongue

Swollen tongue with red body or edges, and a dry-white or dry-yellow coating

Swollen tongue, greasy-white coating

Swollen tongue, sticky coating

Swollen tongue, thick coating

Swollen tongue, thick-greasy-white coating

Swollen tongue, white coating

Swollen, pale tongue

Swollen, tooth-marked tongue with a thick-greasy-white coating

Symptoms improve with bedrest (especially when lying down)

Symptoms respond favorably to local application of cold but become worse with warmth

Symptoms with sudden onset and fast evolution

Symptoms worsen at night

Symptoms worsen in the late afternoon

Systemic lupus erythematosus

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