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Symptoms and diseases starting with letter NO

The symptoms below can be treated or relieved with Chinese herbs.

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Nasal angioma

Nasal congestion

Nasal congestion and infection

Nasal polyp



Nausea (urge to vomit without result)

Nausea (urge to vomit)

Nausea during pregnancy

Nausea still present after vomiting

Neck nodule

Need to be well covered


Nephrotic syndrome

Nerve fatigue

Nervous breakdown

Nervous breakdown during the menopause or postpartum

Nervous breakdown or neurosis (during the menopause, in particular)

Nervous exhaustion

Nervous gastritis



Neuralgia (syphilis)


Neurasthenia relieved by frequent attacks of melancholy and crying spells


Neurovegetative dysentery

Neurovegetative dystonia

Night blindness

Night cough (elderly people, in particular)

Night crying

Night fever

Night spermatorrhea

Night spermatorrhea (no erotic dream)

Night sweating


No aversion to cold

No chills

No constipation

No cough

No desire to drink

No desire to sleep

No diarrhea

No fever

No infection

No one pulse is suggested

No pain or change in the color of the skin, nor ulceration

No particular thirst

No signs of distension of the abdomen

No signs of exterior disorders

No signs of fullness of the abdomen

No sweating

No sweating (indicates serious impairment)

No sweating especially due to Blood or Yin Deficiency

No thirst

No vomiting

Nocturnal emission


Nonrefreshing sleep

Nonspecific vaginitis

Normal appetite

Normal menstruation or hypomenorrhea with purple blood and clots

Normal menstruation or menorrhagia with thick, dark red blood

Normal or red tongue, greasy-yellow coating

Normal Qi Deficiency

Normal tongue

Normal tongue, thin-greasy coating

Normal tongue, thin-white coating

Normal urination

Nose irritation (tingling sensation, burning sensation)

Nose ulcer


Numbness and paralysis of the limbs due to poor Blood circulation

Numbness in the extremities

Numbness in the lower back

Numbness of the face

Numbness of the feet

Numbness of the hands

Numbness of the joints

Numbness of the legs

Numbness of the limbs

Numbness of the limbs, with or without inflammation

Numbness of the lower limbs

Numbness of the muscles

Numbness of the skin




Obstruction of the chest

Obstruction of the chest (without pain) due to inappropriate purging

Obstruction of the diaphragm

Obstruction of the epigastrium

Obstruction of the hypochondrium

Obstruction of the stomach

Occasional attacks of Qi rushing upward from the lower abdomen to the chest (running piglet)

Occasional bleeding with bright-red blood

Occasional vomiting in cases with malaria

Ocular disease

Ocular disease due to Wind-Heat

Ocular disease following surgery

Ocular hypertension

Ocular infection

Ocular pain


Oedema during menstruation

Oedema during pregnancy

Oedema of eyelids

Oedema of face

Oedema of face resulting in generalized oedema

Oedema of feet

Oedema of hands

Oedema of legs

Oedema of limbs

Oedema of lower extremities

Oedema that is more severe below the waist

Old-looking tongue, yellow coating


Onset of symptoms just before or during menstruation

Oozing from the scrotum of a yellow fluid

Open lesion

Ophtalmological disorders (blood and pus in anterior chamber of eye)


Oppression and fullness after meals

Oppression of diaphragm

Oppression of the abdomen

Oppression of the chest

Oppression of the epigastrium

Oppression of the stomach

Optic atrophy

Oral cancer

Oral lesion



Osteoarthrosis (lower limbs)





Otitis media


Ovarian cyst


Over-extension of menstrual cycle

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