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Symptoms and diseases starting with letter M

The symptoms below can be treated or relieved with Chinese herbs.

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Malaria with alternating fever and chills (chills predominant)

Malaria with alternating fever and chills (fever predominant)

Malaria with chills, no fever

Malaria with intense and unremitting attacks of alternating fever and chills

Malarial disorders from Dampness

Male sexual asthenia


Manic behavior

Many dreams


Mauve lips

Mauve or pale tongue with purplish spots

Mauve tongue with a Thin-Greasy-White or Thin-Greasy-Yellow coating

Mauve tongue with purplish spots, and a Thin-White coating

Mauve-mauvish tongue with or without purplish spots

Maxillary sinusitis


Measles with Heat rash

Measles with rash



Melancholy (severe cases)

Memory loss

Meniere's disease


Meningitis (early stage)

Menopausal disorders

Menopausal syndrome


Menorrhagia with purple, thick blood (with or without clots)

Menorrhagia with thick, light red or dark red blood, and clots

Menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps caused by stagnation of Blood

Menstrual cycle shortened (early menstruation or prolonged menstruation), menorrhagia with pale blood

Menstrual cycle shortened (early menstruation)

Menstrual cycle shortened (early menstruation), menorrhagia with purple blood

Menstrual cycle shortened with purple red blood

Menstrual cycle shortened with reddish purple blood

Menstrual disorders

Menstrual disorders (menopause)

Menstrual disorders characterized by sharp, localized, and persistent pain

Menstrual pain

Menstruation with dark red blood and clots

Menstruation with purple blood and clots

Mental confusion

Mental confusion broken with lucidity

Mental disorders

Mental disorders due to Phlegm

Mental fatigue

Mental fragility

Mental hyperactivity

Mental instability

Mental restlessness

Mental retardation in children




Metrorrhagia after childbirth

Metrorrhagia during pregnancy

Metrorrhagia that alternates between trickling and gushing of blood

Metrorrhagia with copious, bright-red blood

Metrorrhagia with pale-red blood

Metrorrhagia with thick blood

Metrorrhagia with thin, pale-red blood, without clots


Migraine (digestive, in particular)

Mild menorrhagia that suddenly transforms into copious menorrhagia with clear, light red, and thick blood

Mild, persistent metrorrhagia

Mild, persistent metrorrhagia with purplish-red or dark purple blood (during pregnancy)

Milky urine

Mitral stenosis

Mitral valve prolapse


Moderate pain



Morning coolness

Motion sickness

Motor aphasia

Mouth mycosis with infection (moniliasis)

Mouth ulcer

Mucilaginous stools

Muscle pain

Muscle spasms

Muscle spasms in the extremities

Muscle spasms of the limbs

Muscle weakness in arms and legs

Muscular rheumatism

Muscular tension



Mycosis (Trichophytosis)

Mycosis of hands and feet


Myocardial infarction




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