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Symptoms and diseases starting with letter G

The symptoms below can be treated or relieved with Chinese herbs.

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Gallstone (allows to reduce and expel calculi and concretions not exceeding one centimeter)



Gastralgia after meals

Gastralgia on an empty stomach

Gastric reflux



Gastroenteritis of nervous origin

Gastrointestinal inflammation

Gastrointestinal weakness

General aging

General discomfort

General weakness

General weakness (elderly people)

Generalized fatigue

Generalized itching

Generalized muscle tension

Generalized oedema

Generalized pain

Generalized pain in the muscles

Generalized rheumatic pain that is not severe

Generalized sensation of heaviness

Generalized stiffness

Genital herpes

Genital itching and swelling

Genital mycosis

Geographical tongue










Gradual onset of skin rashes

Gradual weight loss

Grayish urine

Greasy urine

Great irritability

Great thirst

Great thirst due to inappropriate sweating (vomiting soon after drinking)

Greater cold intolerance

Greenish complexion

Grey hair

Gum disease

Gynecological disorders

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