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Symptoms and diseases starting with letter E

The symptoms below can be treated or relieved with Chinese herbs.

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Ear infection (otorrhea)

Ear ulcer

Eardrum lesion

Earlier senility

Early morning diarrhea

Early morning nausea

Early or late menstruation (hypomenorrhea with pale blood)

Early-stage food poisoning (toxins are still in the stomach)

Early-stage measles with incomplete expression of rash

Early-stage painful skin infection (with incomplete expression of rash)

Early-stage warm febrile diseases in which throat irritation is the first symptom



Ectopic pregnancy


Eczema of the face

Eczema of the head

Eczema of the scalp

Eczema or mycosis of the genital area


Emetic cough

Emotional crisis

Emotional problems

Emotional shock


Empty pulse (Xu)


Encephalitis (advanced stage)

Encephalitis (early stage)







Epigastrium is soft to the touch

Epigastrium is solid to palpation


Epilepsy (grand mal seizure, petit mal seizure)

Epileptic absence


Epistaxis during menstruation, with or without menstrual flow

Erotic dreams

Erratic pain

Erratic, loose stools

Eruptive fever




Esophageal reflux

Esophageal varices

Esophagus cancer

Essential dysmenorrhea

Essential hypertension

Euphoria (incessant laughing)

Evening fever

Evening fever (no chills)

Evening fever that is not severe

Excess of one of the five emotions (anger, joy, worry, sadness, fear)

Excessive hunger

Excessive hunger but poor appetite

Excessive stomach acid

Excessive urination

Excoriation with bleeding

Excruciating headache

Excruciating pain of the abdomen to the point that the patient cannot tolerate being touched

Exertional dyspnea


Exhaustion following chemotherapy, radiotherapy

Exhaustion from long-term illness

Exhaustion from severe or long-term illness (during recovery phase)

Exhaustion from surgery

Exhaustion from surgery or illness

Exhaustion, fatigue (often the patient will appear as if he is about to go into shock or collapse)

Extended menstrual cycle (delayed menstruation)

Extended menstrual cycle (delayed menstruation) with slow menstrual flow, clots

Extended menstrual cycle (hypomenorrhea)

Exterior disorders generating rheumatic pain

Exterior Heat, interior Heat

External hemorrhage

Extrasystole arrhythmia

Extreme emotional instability

Extreme fullness and hardness of the chest that often extends to the lower abdomen

Extreme moodiness

Eye congestion

Eye fatigue

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