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Symptoms and diseases starting with letter D

The symptoms below can be treated or relieved with Chinese herbs.

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Damp diarrhea

Damp-Heat diarrhea

Dark complexion

Dark purple complexion

Dark purple tongue with dark spots on the edges

Dark red cheeks

Dark red or red-tipped tongue

Dark red skin

Dark red skin (blotches)

Dark red tongue

Dark red tongue, dry-yellow coating

Dark red tongue, little coating

Dark red, dry, rough or glossy tongue

Dark skin

Dark tongue or tongue with purple spots

Dark urine

Dark yellow complexion


Deafness (elderly people)

Deep pain and heaviness of extremities

Deep pulse (Chen)

Deep-Choppy pulse (Chen Se); Deep-Choppy-Wiry pulse (Chen Se Xian)

Deep-Choppy pulse (Fu Se)

Deep-Choppy-Wiry pulse (Chen Se Xian)

Deep-Faint pulse (Chen Wei)

Deep-Forceless pulse (Chen Wu Li)

Deep-Forceless-Tight pulse (Chen Wu Li Jin)

Deep-Forceless-Wiry pulse (Chen Wu Li Xian)

Deep-Tight pulse (Chen Jin)

Deep-Tight pulse (Chen Jin); Deep-Wiry pulse (Chen Xian)

Deep-Tight-Wiry pulse (Chen Jin Xian)

Deep-Wiry pulse (Chen Xian)

Deficiency conditions with constipation

Delayed menstruation with pale blood

Delayed puberty




Dense phlegm


Dermatitis (face, neck, genital area)

Dermatitis affecting the lips due to saliva

Desire to curl up

Desire to curl up (lying with body curled up)

Desire to drink cold drinks

Desire to drink warm drinks

Desire to vomit without result


Deterioration of the sinews

Deviation of the mouth

Deviation of the tongue


Diaphragm discomfort


Diarrhea (severe cases)

Diarrhea and pain which starts with the urge to defecate and subsides after completion

Diarrhea due to food poisoning

Diarrhea has ceased but the extremities remain cold

Diarrhea has stopped

Diarrhea with blood and pus

Diarrhea with blood and pus (equal amounts)

Diarrheic stools

Different types of bleeding

Difficult adjustment to new life-style (climate, food)

Difficult labor

Difficult to expectorate phlegm

Difficulty in flexing and extending the limbs

Difficulty in movement

Difficulty in movement (elderly people)

Difficulty in rotating or bending the trunk

Difficulty in rotating the trunk

Digestive disorders

Digestive disorders (hypersecretory gastric pathology)

Digestive disorders (sensation of fullness)

Digestive disorders due to cold foods

Digestive disorders due to new environmental conditions

Digestive fullness

Digestive weakness due to internal cold



Discomfort of the extremities

Discreet cough

Disorders due to internal and external Wind (headache, dizziness, nausea)

Distended sensation in ears

Distension and fullness of the costal region

Distension of the abdomen

Distension of the abdomen (during menstruation)

Distension of the abdomen (hose-like, according to the Jin Gui Yao Lue)

Distension of the abdomen and weight loss of the rest of the body

Distension of the breasts

Distension of the breasts

Distension of the chest

Distension of the diaphragm

Distension of the epigastrium

Distension of the hypochondrium

Distension of the lower abdomen

Distension of the lower abdomen (before menstruation)

Distension of the lower abdomen (during menstruation)

Distension of the right lower abdomen

Distension of the stomach

Disturbed sleep

Disturbed sleep with vivid dreams

Disturbing dreams

Dizziness after ejaculation

Dizziness which is worse while getting up


Dry and glossy tongue with red body or edges

Dry and purple tongue with purplish spots

Dry and reddish tongue, especially on the tip

Dry cough

Dry cough (cough with scanty phlegm)

Dry cough with blood-tinged phlegm

Dry cough with pain

Dry cough with sticky phlegm

Dry cough, especially in the morning

Dry eyes

Dry hair

Dry heaves

Dry mouth

Dry mouth after radiotherapy

Dry nails

Dry nose

Dry or bright red tongue with a Thin-White coating

Dry phlegm

Dry skin

Dry stools

Dry throat

Dry throat, pain

Dry throat, with or without pain

Dry tongue

Dry tongue with a Chipped-Whitish coating

Dry tongue with a Cracked-Yellow-Maroon-Black-Dry coating

Dry tongue, little coating

Dry tongue, no coating

Dry tongue, yellow coating

Dry tongue, yellow-maroon-black-dry coating

Dry, red tongue (may have a dark-yellow coating)

Dry, scarlet tongue

Dull complexion

Dull eyes

Duodenal ulcer


Dysentery (early stage)

Dysentery of Heat type



Dysmenorrhea due to Cold and Blood stasis

Dysmenorrhea due to Cold with painful cramp

Dysmenorrhea which is worse with consumption of hot food or drinks




Dyspnea (elderly people)

Dyspnea with slightest amount of exertion


Dysuria (burning)

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