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Symptoms and diseases starting with letter C

The symptoms below can be treated or relieved with Chinese herbs.

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Cardia stricture

Cardiac asthma

Cardiac Lung

Cardiac oppression

Cardiac pain

Cardiovascular dyspnea

Caseous lesion in lungs


Cataract (early stage)

Cavernous cough

Central nervous system disorders

Cerebral arteriosclerosis

Cerebral arteriosclerosis (elderly people)

Cerebrovascular accident (Wind-stroke)


Chapped lips

Chemotherapy side effects

Chest discomfort

Chest discomfort (the patient is unable to lie down and rest)

Chest pain

Chest pain

Chest pain due to stagnation of Blood

Chest pain that radiates to the back

Chest pain that radiates to the upper back

Chest pain which is worse upon pressure



Childhood convulsion

Childhood diarrhea


Chills and sweating following irregular, intermittent fever

Chills predominant

Choking cough




Choppy pulse (Se)

Choppy pulse (Se) especially to the elbow

Choppy-Empty pulse (Se Xu)

Choppy-Tight pulse (Se Jin); Tight-Wiry pulse (Jin Xian)

Chronic abscess

Chronic arthritis

Chronic arthritis due to improper treatment of acute arthritis

Chronic asthma

Chronic asthma (use medication out of the crisis to prevent the occurrence of severe attacks)

Chronic asthmatic bronchitis

Chronic back stiffness

Chronic belching

Chronic bleeding syndromes

Chronic breathlessness

Chronic bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis (elderly people)

Chronic bronchitis with scanty white phlegm

Chronic cholecystitis

Chronic colic

Chronic colitis

Chronic constipation

Chronic consumption symptoms

Chronic cough

Chronic cough with sticky phlegm

Chronic cough with watery-white phlegm

Chronic diarrhea

Chronic diarrhea (during cold weather, in particular)

Chronic dry cough

Chronic dysentery

Chronic dyspnea which is worse in the evening due to exertion, or in cases with exterior disorders

Chronic endometritis

Chronic enteritis

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fever

Chronic gastritis

Chronic gastroenteritis

Chronic glomerulonephritis

Chronic gonorrhea

chronic headache pain relief remedy

Chronic hepatitis

Chronic hiccup

Chronic itching (cases with Deficiency)

Chronic joint pain due to trauma

Chronic laryngitis

Chronic malaria

Chronic nephritis

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Chronic ocular disorders

Chronic or recurrent mouth ulcer due to Empty-Cold of the Spleen and Stomach

Chronic orchitis

Chronic osteomyelitis

Chronic pain of the muscles

Chronic pancreatitis

Chronic pharyngitis

Chronic polynephritis

Chronic postnasal drip

Chronic prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis with swelling and infection

Chronic pulmonary congestion

Chronic pulmonary oedema

Chronic rheumatism

Chronic rheumatism (long-term illness, especially)

Chronic rhinitis

Chronic salpingitis

Chronic sciatica

Chronic sciatica, periodic

Chronic sinusitis

Chronic spermatorrhea

Chronic swelling of joints

Chronic tracheitis

Chronic urticaria

Chronic vertebral subluxation

Chronic visual disorders

Chronic weakness

Chronic wound, difficult to cure

Chronic, non-healing lesion

Chronic, persistent, yellowish, viscous and fishy-smelling leukorrhea


Cirrhosis (early stage)

Clear leukorrhea

Clear phlegm

Clear rhinorrhea

Clear urine

Clear, pale blood menstruation

Clenched mouth

Clonic convulsion

Cloudy spermatorrhea

Cold abdomen

Cold body

Cold extremities

Cold extremities (from elbows or knees)

Cold feet

Cold fingers and toes, although the body is warm

Cold hands

Cold hernial disorders

Cold intolerance

Cold legs, cold lower back

Cold limbs

Cold lower limbs

Cold pain of the lower abdomen

Cold shoulders

Cold signs

Cold turkey

Coldness of the four extremities

Cold-Phlegm obstructing the Lungs

Cold-type arthritis




Collapse (more severe cases)


Comitial crisis due to Heat

Common cold

Concealed hemorrhage

Concentrated urine

Conflicting dreams

Congested fluids in the abdomen

Congestion of the sinus passages

Congestive heart failure


Conjunctivitis due to Wind-Heat


Constipation (elderly people)

Constipation (Heat predominant)

Constipation due to Dryness

Constipation due to inappropriate diet during convalescence

Constipation with hard stools

Constitutionally weak women in the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy

Consumptive cough

Consumptive cough with watery phlegm

Consumptive fever

Consumptive malaria

Consumptive respiratory disease

Contact dermatitis

Continuous borborygmus

Continuous diarrhea

Continuous dripping of urine

Continuous palpitations

Continuous sweating

Continuous vomiting, uncontrolled vomiting

Contraction of the extremities

Contraction of the limbs

Contraction of the lower abdomen

Convulsion (severe cases)

Corneal ulcer

Coronary arteritis

Coronary artery disease


Cough (elderly people)

Cough in lung cancer

Cough that worsens in the morning

Cough with blood-tinged phlegm

Cough with cloudy, fishy-smelling phlegm

Cough with painful flanks and chest pain

Cough with scanty phlegm

Cough with scanty phlegm or dry cough

Cough with sticky-thick sputum

Cough with thick and viscid phlegm

Cough with thick-dry-scanty phlegm

Cough with watery phlegm

Cough with white phlegm

Cough with yellow or greenish phlegm

Cough with yellow phlegm


Cramps in the calf muscles

Cramps in the hands

Cramps or pain of the abdomen

Crane's-knee Wind - one or both knees become swollen, enlarged, and painful accompanied by atrophy above and below the knee (inability to move)

Creaking and stiffness of joints



Cystitis (fever and thirst with a desire to drink)

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