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Symptoms and diseases starting with letter B

The symptoms below can be treated or relieved with Chinese herbs.

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Bacillary dysentery

Back or at midline pain

Back pain

Back pain with a sensation of fullness

Back stiffness

Bacterial infection

Bad temper


Beginning of fever


Bell palsy

Benign tumor of the thyroid


Big tongue with a Greasy-White coating

Biliary ascariasis

Bitter regurgitation

Bitter taste

Bizarre dreams

Black stools


Bladder infection


Bleeding before defecation

Bleeding due to Full-Heat

Bleeding from traumatic injury



Bloating after meals

Blood accumulation

Blood accumulation (head)

Blood accumulation (upper part of the body)

Blood in the stools

Blood in the stools (red blood, fresh blood)

Blood in the stools after defecation

Blood stasis in the vessels

Blood-tinged phlegm

Bloody leukorrhea

Blue complexion

Bluish-purple tongue with a White coating

Blurred vision

Blurred vision which is worse on exertion and improves with rest

Bone deformities in the joints

Bone hyperplasia


Bouts of palpitations

Brain lymphoedema

Brassy cough

Breast cancer

Breast cyst

Breast induration

Breast lumps

Breast tumor

Breathing difficulty (elderly people)

Breathing difficulty (rale)

Breathing difficulty (suffocation)

Breathing difficulty due to a sensation of Qi rushing into the throat

Breathing difficulty due to inappropriate purging

Breathing difficulty due to profuse Phlegm

Breathing difficulty that requires tremendous drive


Bright-red blood with or without dark purple clots

Brittle hair

Brittle nails

Bronchial asthma

Bronchial asthma which is worse during weather changes



Bronchitis, pneumonia (early stage)

Brownish urine


Burning and painful vesicles (waist level, back, lower back, flanks)

Burning diarrhea

Burning feet

Burning pain (either during or after meals)

Burning pain in lower back

Burning sensation in anus


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