e-MS Inc. is a company located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Its president and founder, Mrs. Fabienne Scott, spent many years learning TCM and started the TCM Assistant project in 2000. Her motivation to create the TCM Assistant began with the extraordinary success she obtained when treating her patients with TCM. She could not accept that such an effective, powerful medicine was not widespread in the West, that it was so tedious to find the right products for her patients and so difficult to learn so many Chinese terms. In 1998, she began to dream of an intelligent database that would make the Chinese pharmacopeia accessible to the average Western acupuncturist. Eight years and more than half a million dollars later, her dream has become a reality. Thanks to the work of her dedicated team of professionals.

Ms. Scott is also a qualified engineer and has many years of experience in the technical design of online help modules. She studied TCM at Cèdre, whose renowned teacher and director Patrick Shan taught her the basics of this science. Mr. Shan is a student of Leung Kok Wen, whose family has been practicing TCM for fifteen generations. Leung Kok Wen is also a leading pioneer of TCM in the West.