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Names for Long Gu
Pharmaceutical: Os Draconis
Botanical: Stegodon orientalis Owen (Proboscidea) Rhinoceros sinensis Owen (Perissodactyla) Hipparion spp. (Artiodactyla)
Other names: Hua Long Gu, Sheng Long Gu, Bai Long Gu
Description: Fossilized Dragon's Bone.

Controls ascending Liver-Yang due to Yin Deficiency; Calms the Mind; Strengthens the Yin; Preserves Body Fluids; ...

Origin of long gu
Shanxi, Mongolia, Gansu, Hebei, Hubei.;

Preparation of long gu
The drug is washed clean and preserved in a dry place. Before use, the bones are ground into powder which can be calcined.;

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