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Classic formulas used in Chinese herbal medicine starting with letter E

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E Jiao Ji Zi Huang Tang (Ass-Hide Gelatin and Egg Yolk Decoction)

Er Chen Tang (Two-Cured Decoction; Two Old Decoction; Citrus and Pinellia Decoction)

Er Jia Jian Zheng Qi San (Second Modification of Rectify the Qi Powder)

Er Jia Long Gu Tang (Unknown)

Er Long Zuo Ci Wan (Pill for Deafness that is Kind of the Left [Kidney])

Er Miao San (Two-Marvel Powder)

Er Ming Zuo Ci Wan (Tinnitus Pill that is Kind to the Left [Kidney]; Tinnitus Left Supporting Pill)

Er Mu San (Fritillaria and Anemarrhena Powder)

Er Xian Tang (Two-Immortal Decoction; Curculigo and Epimedium Decoction)

Er Zhi Wan (Two Solstices Pill; Two-Ultimate Pill; Ligustrum and Eclipta Pill)

Er Zhu Tang (Two Atractylodes Decoction; Atractylodes and Arisaema Decoction)

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